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Togakushi Shrine in Winter? 2017/11/3 19:33
We consider to include Nagano in our trip in February though we are not into skiiing.
As I learned, the Ninja Museum will be closed during winter. So I wonder, if Togakushi Shrine (all 3 shrines) nearby will be open and accessible. Is it possible to walk the area and to get from one shrine to the other by foot, or is it too difficult because of snow?
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Re: Togakushi Shrine in Winter? 2017/11/4 19:45
I went there for New Years a couple years ago. At that time, it was doable. Wear boots with good tread. The okusha, final part of the shrine, was a bit dangerous and icy. Lots of people were falling down, but everyone seemed to make it to the top. February may have more snow though...

As far as being open goes, it doesnt have opening or closing times, same as most shrines, so it will be open.
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Re: Togakushi Shrine in Winter? 2017/11/5 09:02
I was at Togakushi in January and there was between one and two meters of snow. I was in my usual walking shoes (they lasted very well across the last three years) and was ok, but other people had skis and snowshoes. Yes, the walk was a bit harder to the upper shine, but the roads were cleared well. The main reason for visiting was taking some people to play in the snow.
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Re: Togakushi Shrine in Winter? 2017/12/14 23:24
Just went here today (Dec. 14). Up to the gate it was definitely doable. After, slightly less because not as many people go and the snow is less packed.
The end path to the shrines goes really uphill and is quite icy. It was pretty rough to reach the end, with snow going half-thigh (I'm 170cm). The last meters had 20 cm wide path of packed snow made by the clerks, but there are about 50m before that where I saw most people struggle with the powder and the ice underneath it.
All this done with good hiking shoes and 3-layers system.
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