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Suggestions to propose near Yokosuka/Kamakura 2017/11/5 14:34
Hello all,

My girlfriend will be visiting me here and I was hoping some more experienced forum members could do me the favor of suggesting some places that would be a beautiful place to propose. I would rather something not super crowded (I would assume this means no Tokyo, but I could be wrong) and would love if it were scenic. Having a view of Mt. Fuji might be a plus, but I am really just starting the process of doing some recon on a good place.

I would consider "near" about 1-1.5 hours in travel time away from.

We both are active and enjoy hiking
We both love the outdoors, culture, and scenic views
We both are quite adventurous (but this doesn't necessarily mean I want to be trekking deep into an uninhabitable forest)

So.. any ideas?

Thank you so much!

by Mook9955  

Re: Suggestions to propose near Yokosuka/Kamakura 2017/11/5 16:49
What season is this? If it's autumn, one would normally think Hakone or Yamanashi for Fuji in the open. And if it's raining, you should book an onsen and propose, not while bathing but after you've gotten dressed. Meanwhile, I wonder why you say Yokosuka/Kamakura when you seem to be in Tokyo. The three locations are equally busy and quiet depending on the spot.
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Re: Suggestions to propose near Yokosuka/Kamakura 2017/11/5 19:33
My recommendation is Hakone-Ashinoko lake area.
There is a hotel called "Fujiya Hotel lake view annex, Hakone Hotel", the hotel has a very nice garden there, you can see Mt Fuji if you are lucky.

You can visit there from Yokosuka sta - Ofuna sta - Odawara sta(90 mins).
The hotel provides a free shuttle bus from Odawara sta(11;30, 14:00, 16:00).
You can possibly have a lunch there, and walk and see Ashinoko lake and Hakone mountain side then you can propose wherever you want to.

If you wan to visit one evening or rainy day, I would possibly choose to visit "Yokohama Cosmo World".
There is a large ferris wheel(800 yen, one person), when the gondola reached on the top, you can propose there. It tales 15 mins one round.
Yokosuka sta - Yokohama sta - MinatoMirai sta - walk(60 mins)
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