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oyama to narita airport 2017/11/5 21:40
I need to get two suitcases and myself to narita airport by 7am from oyama, my airbnb is 10 minuites walk from the station but it doesnt run that early in the morning, the narita express runs from 6.15 so that would be perfect but how do we get to ikebukuro from oyama with 4 suitcases (2 each) so early in the morning? we dont want to spend lots on a taxi, i was thinking of getting a capsule hotal near the airport or sending my bags ahead and walking to ikebukuro or maybe getting a shuttle bus? or even uber if that still works here but I want something essy that i can trust. Any help would be really appreciated!
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Re: Oyama to Narita Airport 2017/11/6 19:42
Oyama? In Itabashi City in Tokyo?
Then, this "O" is pronounced long, and the station which you mention is likely to be Oyama Station of Tobu Railway.
(There are at least 3 railroad stations in Japan whose name can be spelled as Oyama.)

I need to get two suitcases and myself to Narita Airport by 7 am from Oyama
the Narita Express runs from 6.15 so that would be perfect

No; even the earliest JR Narita Express train does not arrive before 7 at the stations in the airport.

It sounds better to go on the previous day to the airport or a nearby place;
if that day is a weekday, I recommend you avoid rush hours in the morning and the evening.

How is your flight scheduled?
Currently there is no station in Terminal 3 of NRT;
when your flight uses Terminal 3 and you take a train to the airport,
you disembark at the station in Terminal 2 then head to Terminal 3 by bus or on foot.

While the Ikebukuro Station complex is huge,
just near Tobu central gates (for Tobu Tojo Line) are
JR central gates and a Tokyo Metro gate for Marunouchi Line.

One option of transportation is to go
by Tobu Tojo Line to Ikebukuro
(150 yen per adult),
by Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line from Ikebukuro (M-25) to (M-16) Ginza
(200 yen per adult, about 20 minutes)
then by the Access Narita bus to any of the three Narita Airport terminals
(1000 yen per adult (except: 2000 yen for a few late night buses )).

- JR-East: Map of Ikebukuro Station
- The Access Narita

Regarding this bus line:
for about 15 seats per car, your ride may be reserved;
the other seats are for rides without reservation.

One possible demerit is that the reservation is acceptable only via the website and in Japanese.
Buses depart frequently for Narita Airport and the Ginza bus stop is the starting point, so I suppose you would catch one on the spot.

The Ginza bus stop is above the Marunouchi Line tracks, near the elevator between Exits C5 and C7 of Ginza Station.

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Re: oyama to narita airport 2017/11/7 04:12
Assuming you mean Oyama near Ikebukuro:

Tobu Toju line from Oyama starts at 5 am. Transfer at Ikebukuro and take the Yamanote line to Nippori. Tranfer to Keisei Skyliner at 6:03 or 6:25 to make it at 6:39 or 7:01. (Keisei Skyliner is faster than N'EX, and cheaper, but not covered on JR pass)

Check for more detailed route. You will want to make it to Nippori early as possible so you aren't fighting commuters with all your luggage. Skyliner is not a commuter train and has luggage racks, so you'll be fine once you make it there.

You could also consider hiring a taxi to drive you directly to Nippori station where you can board the Skyliner. Should be about 3500 Yen cab fare.

N'EX does depart directly from Ikebukuro, but it takes 90 minutes and doesn't get you there until after 8:00 at the earliest, so not really an option for you.
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