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Transportation from Shin Osaka to Fuji 2017/11/6 12:31
I am staying at Shin-osaka and would like to go to Mt. Fuji. Can you please let me know which is the fastest way to go and return back? We plan to go Fuji by bus and return back to Shin osaka by Shinkansen. Please kindly help me. Thank you.
by Nadia (guest)  

Re: Transportation from Shin Osaka to Fuji 2017/11/6 21:34
Try using Google maps or Hyperdia to answer your question.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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Re: Transportation from Shin Osaka to Fuji 2017/11/7 02:55
Probably for both there and back you'd want to do the Shinkansen from Shin-Osaka to Tokyo station and then use the Fujikyu highway bus in between Tokyo and Mt. Fuji.

It's about 5 hours at minimum, excluding transfers.

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Re: Transportation from Shin Osaka to Fuji 2017/11/7 05:27
The bus is about 7 hours.

And a shinkansen/bus option via Mishima is about 4 hours.

Not realistic for a day trip.
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Re: Transportation from Shin Osaka to Fuji 2017/11/7 05:55
by Koohii2wii rate this post as useful

Re: Transportation from Shin Osaka to Fuji 2017/11/7 05:56
Also not really a day trip! 2 to 3 days at least!
1-Osaka-Mt Fuji
2-Mt Fuji
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Re: Transportation from Shin Osaka to Fuji 2017/11/7 09:50
This is a kind of generalization which might not suit the OP.

Most people go to Kawaguchiko to see Mt. Fuji, but it depends on the weather. So one idea is to do a day trip from somewhere with a good weather forecast or the fine image of the live camera. From Shin-Osaka, it sounds very far, but actually it will take about 4+ hours with only one transfer at Mishima and 2.5 hr is rather comfortable Shinkansen ride. If you start Shin-Osaka early in the morning, you will arrive Kawaguchiko at 11:45. Seeing Mt. Fuji by itself does not take long time, so you will go back at around 16:00. I checked Hyperdia and the Fujikyu bus timetable and found that the return journey is not so convenient (more than 1 hr transfer time at Mishima), but you will be able to come back to Shin-Osaka in about 5 hrs. Of course it will cost more than 20000 yen roundtrip. If you have the JR pass, the cost should be 4110 yen (Fujikyu bus round trip). So if you stay several nights at Shin-Osaka and can choose the date of travel and have the JR pass, one-day trip is very reasonable I think.
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