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Zao Ski Resort to Zao Fox Village? 2017/11/6 14:24
I am changing my itinerary to try and fit in seeing the Snow Monsters and Zao Fox Village in December and I want to know if it is possible to travel between the Zao Ski Resort and the Zao Fox Village by Public Transit, Shuttle, or Taxi (Which I know will be expensive). I have no access to rental cars as I have no license for Driving in Japan. Thanks.
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Re: Zao Ski Resort to Zao Fox Village? 2017/11/7 06:06
This would be pretty hard without a rental car.... I started from Shiroishi-zao station to get to Zao Fox Village.

Check and see if your country is part of the International Driving Permit 1949. If it is, then you should be able to get the permit in your country and bring the permit with your driving license. You can also reserve online as well but they require your Permit number first.

I guess the other would be if your okay driving in Snow and icy roads.

Hope this helps!
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Re: Zao Ski Resort to Zao Fox Village? 2017/11/7 07:56

I knew before I would not be able to because I am frm the United States and I was told that the US is not part of the IDP. Are there any long range busses that pass over the mountain route or is my only option I have to take is the Yamagata Shinkansen to Fukushima then go to Shiroishi-Zao on the Tohoku Shinkansen? Besides, I am from San Francisco and I have zero experience at driving in Snow and Ice. Thanks.
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Re: Zao Ski Resort to Zao Fox Village? 2017/11/7 09:57

Americans can get an IDP;

However, I can understand why you would also not feel comfortable renting a car. I drive in the snow and I am not sure I would want to drive in the snow in Japan.

In the Winter, you can pay for a bus between Zao and Sendai. It take about 100 minutes and costs 1600 yen one way. That might be faster than trying to take the shinkansen down to Fukushima and transferring just because the bus from Zao to Yamagata is about 1 hour as is.
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Re: Zao Ski Resort to Zao Fox Village? 2017/11/7 23:05
Drew two simple maps.

Closest route "Zao Echo line" can not pass already closed by snow.
There is no bus in this section, also Taxi is expensive.
The way to go via JR Fukushima stn by Yamagata Shinkansen is safer.
(after Fukushima stn will be Tohokushinkansen)
No need to go back to far Sendai by ExpWay(HighWay) bus.
(operate numbers a lot fr JR Yamagata stn, Not fr Zao Ski Resort.)

IDP can be used.
Rent-a-cars wearing winter tire already in Dec if renting spot close,
and it is not particularly dangerous if you can keep within the speed limit also no rough driving.
(You can decide after watching one-week weather forecast)
Detour driving route (No ExpWay) is below.

However, Snow-Monsters in that time has not grown up completely, it will be about 20% of the peak.
Viewing peak starts from mid of Jan usual.
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Re: Zao Ski Resort to Zao Fox Village? 2017/11/7 23:20

I can't read Japanese, but at least going by the information on this website:

and this other website:

In Winter when the ski areas are open there should be at least one direct bus between Zao and Sendai. If both this website and that other website do not have accurate information, I implore you to contact this website so it no longer has incorrect information.

I have been to Zao, but it was a long time ago, and in Spring so the bus to Sendai was not an option.
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