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Table Tennis clubs in Japan? 2017/11/6 19:52
Hi there,
I just got my Work and Travel Visa for Japan !
I would really like to play table tennis when I am in Japan from time to time, somehow I got in contact with a Woman in Tokyo who is an International Umpire and I already played at her club a few times BUT I do not intend to stay in Tokyo all the time plus the club is very small ...

She told me it is not that easy to find propper clubs in Japan as they have several different organisations that are not that well organized and even don't like each other which is very sad.

So yeah I would need some infos if there are Clubs that accept foreigners as guest players and maybe a homepage or any other info how I could contact them ?
by XYoukaiX  

Re: Table Tennis clubs in Japan? 2017/11/7 12:31
It would help to know WHERE you are intending to stay.
Then I would simply do a google search for 卓球クラブ+ city where you are.

Enjoy your life in Japan!
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Re: Table Tennis clubs in Japan? 2017/11/7 16:28
the place doesn't really matter as long as it is reachable ;)

As I am doing Work and Travel (mainly Travel I guess) I can go wherever I want to, but if I know some good clubs (best would be if there is someone in such a club who reads this and "invites" me) I could try to go into the direction of wherever the Club is .

I don't have a real plan anyways so it doesn't really matter.
by XYoukaiX rate this post as useful

Re: Table Tennis clubs in Japan? 2017/11/15 07:49
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