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14 days Hokkaido 2017/11/6 19:56
Hi all,

Will be my first time in Hokkaido and will be staying at Sapporo except 1 night at Tomamu resort.
Like to seek the advice of the frequent travellers who have been to or staying in Hokkaido .

Appreciate if you could share some itinerary or places to visit.

Thank you.
by blackbriar  

Re: 14 days Hokkaido 2017/11/7 12:17
When are you going and will you be renting a car?
by Sal1980 rate this post as useful

Re: 14 days Hokkaido 2017/11/7 19:56
mid dec, not renting a car
by blackbriar rate this post as useful

Re: 14 days Hokkaido 2017/11/11 14:01
by Andy (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: 14 days Hokkaido 2017/11/11 15:59
If possible I would recommend renting a car if you're going 2 weeks; you'll get to the different towns all right by train or plane but busses are few and taxis expensive to get to the views.
by Jim (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: 14 days Hokkaido 2017/11/11 17:44
If you aren't willing or able to rent a car you should look at moving around to other locations such as Hakodate, Asahikawa and Noboribetsu via public transport because 14 days in Sapporo is too long in my opinion. There's only really enough there for half that time at most. Also, you can get bus transfers to onsen towns in national parks. You can use public transport to tour beyond the southwest of Hokkaido but the trains are few and rather slow. You could also look at travelling south to Tohoku if you like.
by Sal1980 rate this post as useful

Re: 14 days Hokkaido 2017/11/11 17:45
By "moving to other locations" I mean 5-ish days Sapporo, 1 or 2 at other places. Sapporo is a worthwhile location but not for 2 weeks.
by Sal1980 rate this post as useful

Re: 14 days Hokkaido 2017/11/12 10:55
although not driving, i will be getting a 7 day hokkaido JR pass
by blackbriar rate this post as useful

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