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Nagano Electric Railway -Buying Tickets 2017/11/7 05:56
Hi guys,

1) I will be travelling from Kanazawa to Yudanaka (via Nagano with 11minutes transit time), I'd like to ask if there will be enough time to buy a ticket for the Nagaden journey within these 11m? And may I ask where do we buy Nagaden tickets? Will there be a ticket booth specially for Nagaden?

2) I will also be traveling from Yudanaka to Oishida (via Shinshunakano 4minutes transit time and then Nagano 45m transit time) -will this be doable? 4m transit time sounds quite harsh but Shinshunakano has only 3 active platforms so I presume it wouldn't be impossible.
But what I'm worried about is, from Yudanaka - Shinshunakano I'll be using Nagano Electric Railway and then from Shinshunakano - Nagano I'll be using Nagano Electric Railway Ltd. Exp. Would I need to buy a new ticket for Shinshunakano - Nagano (thus consuming time) in Shinshunakano station or would I be able to use the same ticket for both Yudanaka - Shinshunakano and Shinshunakano - Nagano? On Hyperdia, it only says that I'll need to pay an extra 100YEN for the Ltd. Exp.

Thank you very much for anyone who has tried to help :)
by keyvalin  

Re: Nagano Electric Railway -Buying Tickets 2017/11/8 00:30
It may hard, I guess.

Purchasing Nagaden ticket is near ticket gate vending machine of Nagaden.

No need 2nd ticket, you can purchase until Nagano as one ticket.
Most passengers going to end stn Nagano, just follow them.
No use stairs(over bridge passage) for next No.4 platform where many passengers waiting into this stn photo.
(No.4 is for Yudanaka trains only, No.2 or 3 same island are for Nagano trains)
by LeBRA (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Nagano Electric Railway -Buying Tickets 2017/11/8 01:00
Thank you very much that was really helpful!!

I have one last question though, for my Yudanaka - Oishida journey, when I transfer at Shinshunakano, would I need to buy the Nagano Densetsu ticket there when moving from platform 4 to 2/3 or would I need to buy the ticket when I arrive at Nagano station?

by keyvalin rate this post as useful

Re: Nagano Electric Railway -Buying Tickets 2017/11/8 01:10
Ahh sorry please forget my previous stupid question. Ifve just realised that I should be able to purchase Nagaden ticket beforehand at Yudanaka Station thus no more buying tickets at Shinshunakano. Thanks anyways:)
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