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Cell phone contract for student 2017/11/7 22:24
I have a SIM-Free iPhone(purchased jp apple store directly) and I am attempting to get a contract, my course is two years but my visa is only 1y3m(school wants me to extend 6 mos before itfs up) - as such SoftBank wonft let me sign up for a two year contract.

I need voice + data, what are my options?
I would also prefer to get pocket wi-fi as my apartment doesnft have LAN, but can make do with a mobile hotspot of my data plan is good enough
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Re: Cell phone contract for student 2017/11/8 08:10
Just go to an other store. I had no problem 3 years ago in getting a portable wifi contract with a tourist visa (at BicCamera) and later on with a 1 year dependent visa to get a phone contract (again at BicCamera). I think my phone provider is called Iljimo.
My cousin got a data only contract while being on a tourist visa. (again at BicCamera, but that is really the only place I ever tried)
From this last experience I only remember that it was not possible (or somehow difficult) to get a data & phone contract for him, so he settled for data only. But that was because of tourist visa. With a student visa you should have no problem.
Also doesn't your school organize "phone contract days"? At my school a lot of phone contract providers came to the school a few days after the course started and very happily sold phones and contracts.

Enjoy living in Japan!
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Re: Cell phone contract for student 2017/11/8 09:59
Just go sign-up with any of the MVNO, they will are glad for your business and much cheaper.
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Re: Cell phone contract for student 2017/11/8 13:07
The above article is misleading; it only lists prices (which are readily available from each provider's website anyway) and completely ignores the question of service quality.

Fact: almost all MVNOs absolutely and utterly suck, to the point that even at their low price they are a complete rip-off. There are very few exceptions, so choose wisely. A better resource is http://kakuyasu-sim.jp/
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Re: Cell phone contract for student 2017/11/8 13:16
The article also compares UQMobile's SIM + phone plans to other providers' SIM-only plans. Nonsense.
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