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Kamakura Day trip 2017/11/8 16:12
On Dec 25th 2017 I am planning to go Kamakura day trip from Tokyo.
I calculated the cost as per below.
1.Taking JR train 2x970+700(Kamakura Enoshima pass)=2640yen
2.Enoshima-Kamakura Freepass 1470yen(additional 1240yen for romance car)
3.Enoshima 1 day pas 1970yen(additional 1240yen for romance car)+additional free entrance to some places in enoshima.

I can't decide whether should I take romance car or not?
Is it recommended to take romance car during this period of the year?
Because if I take romance car the price is about the same or higher than taking JR trains.
I plan to visit Kamakura(Daibatsu,Engakuji,Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu Shrine and Komachi-Dori) and have lunch then head for Enoshima later.
I will explore Enoshima until night time to see Enoshima Winter Illuminations.
Please recommend.
by ethan (guest)  

Re: Kamakura Day trip 2017/11/8 19:15
Engakuji is located near Kita-Kamakura station. Those two Odayku passes do not cover travel to this station. So if you picked an option using those passes, you would need to pay a separate fee to travel from Kamakura to Kita-Kamakura and return. 140 yen each way.

by hakata14 (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Kamakura Day trip 2017/11/8 19:56
The advantage of Romance car is that it is a reserved seat. While on JR trains, if you want a reserved seat, you would need to buy a "green car" ticket. Otherwise you might need to stand in the train. That obviously depends on the time of the day how crowded the train is.
In the Odakyu ticket probably the Enoden line is also included, which is a very nice ride in itself, but yes, for Kitakamakura it is JR only.

25 Dec is still a working day in Japan, so should not be too crowded.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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Re: Kamakura Day trip 2017/11/8 20:49
My initial reaction is "Romance Car - why would you bother?" There are other reserved trains, but the normal trains get you to where you need to go without paying extra on a short trip. My last 1/2 dozen trips to the area have been efficient JR plus Enoshima railway.

If you are departing Shinjuku, my reading of the train line map for Tokyo says you still have transfers to Kamakura if you use Odakyu railways, or direct via JR. If you are starting somewhere else, then it would be a different answer.
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Re: Kamakura Day trip 2017/11/8 20:51
Hi Yes. I do understand that Kita-Kamakura is JR station and I need to pay for going to Kita-Kamakura and after that going to another station on enoden line.
Regarding to scenery is it better to take romance car?
I do know that Sagano scenic railway is very famous for scenery.
Would like to find is there any difference between 3 options(Odakyu normal train, Odakyu romance car and JR train) for scenery?
by ethan (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Kamakura Day trip 2017/11/8 21:05
Odakyu normal and Romance car use the same track, so no difference in scenery.
I have taken both, Odakyu and JR, and would say that neither has a specially nice scenery. We are talking here the outskirts of Tokyo, so you are essentially travelling through built up areas the entire time.

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Re: Kamakura Day trip 2017/11/8 22:26
Thanks alot for your info. I thought romance car will be nicer scenery because of the name. I am planning to leave Shinjuku around 7am on 25th Dec 2017. I believe there won't be many people on that day. So Enoshima-Kamakura Freepass I think only entitle for normal train not express. If it's not too crowded I don't want to spend for romance car. I would rather spend this money for other things.
by ethan (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Kamakura Day trip 2017/11/9 07:07
I agree I would not be going on those trains for scenery, but I do like the Shonan monorail from Ofuna to Enoshima because the elevated view is a bit more interesting and the route is not a typical train ride. 310Y (not IC card)
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Re: Kamakura Day trip 2017/11/9 09:43
I would not worry about how busy the train is. You are going the opposite way of peak hour. You may find around Yokohama to build up a little.

I remember my last trip to Enoshima. We started at Shinjuku also. Very busy from Shinjuku, but most passengers left by Shibuya. When we exited at Ofuna, only 5 passenger were on our carriage.
by hakata14 (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Kamakura Day trip 2017/11/9 13:16
Hi Hakata14,

Thanks for the info and I really would like to try monorail but I only intend to visit enoshima in the evening from Kamakura.
I plan to visit Engakuji,Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu Shrine,Komachi-Dori,Kamakura Daihatsu and Hase-Dera before heading to Enoshima.
So still planning how shall I go so that can take monorail too.
I am thinking to get Enoshima 1 day pass(1970yen) + Kamakura-Enoshima pass(700yen) for Monorail and JR trains in this area.
by ethan (guest) rate this post as useful

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