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Japanese-style toilets 2017/11/8 17:38
Im sure there are other places to find out about this but I would like to know from anyone who personally knows how to use them.

The place I work the men's restroom has one western sit down style and one of the really old ones where you squat. There are urinals but Im referring to number 2 (excuse me). So One day I really had to go and the western one was in use, so as you may have guessed the first time foreigner experience was a nightmare actually it was my 2nd time seeing one.

Which brings me to my question. When people use this do they strip all the way?(pants,shoes,etc) or is it half way down? I dont want miss and get waste on my clothes, but maybe if there is a proper way id like to know.

Thanks. You can laugh now.
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Re: Japanese-style toilets 2017/11/8 19:18
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Re: Japanese-style toilets 2017/11/8 19:40

If the toilet is dry and clean, normally will take off undie & pants.

If not, especially train station one, just pull it down halfway to the knee and squat as low as you bum is close to the bowl.

Always leave shoe on.

Gently let it go, do not force it too much or there'll be splatter.
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Re: Japanese-style toilets 2017/11/8 20:03
Wear a skirt ;-) Then these squat toilets aren't so uncomfortable...

Actually also Japanese (women) don't like them, and you often get allowed forward in the queue if the only open toilet is a Japanese style one.
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Re: Japanese-style toilets 2017/11/9 02:58
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Thanks, I really enjoyed that link.
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Re: Japanese-style toilets 2017/11/10 04:16
Japanese people seem to be a lot better at squatting with their feet flat on the floor than most Westerners, which must make using those toilets much easier! I guess it's to something to with it being a common stance since childhood, so the muscles and tendons develop differently!
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