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Smartphone for residents 2017/11/11 21:25
I am going to move to Japan in the next months (I have a visa) and I have to buy a smartphone, what are the best solutions now? I was checking the telephone companies websites and the price are high as always.
I have heard something (true or not?) about buying a second-hand and unlocked smartphone and then to pay for a plan with any company. Is this possible? And is it possible to use my own smartphone in Japan with a mins and GB plan?
Thanks! Any information will be useful!
by Piuma  

Re: Smartphone for residents 2017/11/12 12:50
Two option.
Go with the 3 big telco Docomo, Softbank or AU. You can get free or cheap subsidized phone if contract for 2 years. It expensives.

MVNO, they are the cheaper companies which lease/rent 3 big telco lines and sell it.
Start from as low as 500yen p.m. maybe lower, depend on data size. Can use you phone as long as it is unlock. Some electric shop BIC, Yamada etc do partner with MVNO provide cheap/subsidized phone.

About MVNO
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Re: Smartphone for residents 2017/11/12 13:39
The above link is very bad. Better:
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Re: Smartphone for residents 2017/11/13 16:20
Thanks! So... do you recommend me to choose one of the MVNO or it is better to pay more and 'stay' with the major companies? (Docomo, Softbanck etc...)
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Re: Smartphone for residents 2017/11/22 10:28
This article is not an answer, but it describes Japan's communication and it is helpful.
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