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Non JR Train 2017/11/13 03:47
I want to go Ritsumeikan University Biwako Kusatsu campus Located in Shiga prefecture By surutto kansai pass.So which Non JR Train stations is the nearest from the campus.
by Devnath (guest)  

Re: Non JR Train 2017/11/13 10:53
Google Maps is your friend.
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Re: Non JR Train 2017/11/13 11:32
by Leichel (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Non JR Train 2017/11/13 11:55
The Japanese page and the English page explains differently. The Japanese page shows that the first option is going to Keihan Chushojima station and then take Keihan Kyoto bus to the campus, which seems to be absent in the English page. This is the easiest way but the bus run on only business days of the university (weekdays, that is).

Keihan line is of course included in the Kansai Thru Pass. The Keihan Kyoto bus seems to be also included, but I am not certain. There are some excluded lines shown on the KTP pdf, but as for this line it seems not to be excluded.

The bus timetable is shown in the Keihan Kyoto bus site.
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Non JR Train 2017/11/13 14:24
frog1954-san,Thanks a lot.Without your help ,it is very hard for a Foreigner to find the correct answer,
Not For Me,But also helpful for thousands of incoming students,Foreign staff and Teachers.
I have One More Que:which JR Train station is the nearest from the campus. and Bus timetable to JR.
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Re: Non JR Train 2017/11/13 21:25
which JR Train station is the nearest from the campus. and Bus timetable to JR.

MinamiKusatsu station.

The bus timetable to Ritsumeikan is as below.

As you will see, there are so many buses to Ritsumeikan. I think many students use bus, so there are so many buses. On Saturdays and Sundays the frequency drastically reduces.
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