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Should I buy this bag for Shikoku 88 2017/11/14 01:02
Should I buy this bag fir the trip I am making next summer to walk all 88 temples plus the optional 20 temples

This project is not mine before anyone asks but I have backed it but can cancel before it ends

Are their many steps as I assume I will have to carry this then as I was thinking of backing this to pull with my waist

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Re: Should I buy this bag for Shikoku 88 2017/11/14 11:04
That looks like too much. I have only walked small segments of the pilgrimage route, and I have never seen anybody carry such a big bag.

According to one Japanese site, one should just carry: walking stick, hat, smart phone, map, walking shoes, rain gear, one day (two at most) worth of clothing, backpack.

There are convenience stores along the way to buy food/things as you need them, and you can wash your clothes at your accommodation. The rain gear doubles as a jacket.
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Re: Should I buy this bag for Shikoku 88 2017/11/14 11:13
I guess the question is if you will camp or sleep in hotels/minshukus... ?
if no camping, then reduce your luggage to a minimum. As the PP said.

Do some preparatory walks in your country just to get a feel for what you really need. You will see that each additional gram is heavy and there are not that many things you really need.

Also many people donft walk the entire pilgrimage but take buses / trains in between.

Enjoy your Shikoku pilgrimage!
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