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Best school in Tokyo for learning japanese? 2017/11/14 05:23
Hi guys!

I have the project to go to Tokyo during 3 months and I want to learn japanese at the same time. There is a lot of school like: Sudan Institute of Japanese Language, KAI Japanese Language School, ISI Language School, etc.
They all seem good but I can't really decide. Do you have some information or testimony about these school? Or do you know better schools?

Thank you very much for you attention. I hope to have some answers.
Have a nice day.

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Re: Best school in Tokyo for learning japanese? 2017/11/14 11:22
I personally attended Naganuma school. It is mainly geared towards people staying about 2 years to study Japanese and then go on to university in Japan. Their teachers are good and it is Japanese only from day 1, but class size is big. Also a lot of focus on kanji.

I heard good comments about Kai but I think class size is also big.

Lastly I had a trial lesson at Coto. This is a different type of school. Much more geared towards Westerners and more to get you to talk rather than study a lot of kanjis. That was not what I wanted, but it depends on your goals. If you can study only 3 months and are not from China/Taiwan, maybe Coto is a good place. You can spend your learning energy on talking and understanding instead of kanjis. But if your goal is to be able one day to fully understand Japanese then you neeed to start with kanji ASAP. Class size at Coto was also smaller. Maybe around 7.

Enjoy studying Japanese!

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