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Nikko 2 days- Arriving at 11 am too late? 2017/11/14 06:09
I have scheduled a 2 day / night stay in Nikko from Tokyo in the middle of my trip. I want to visit the major heritage sites, Lake Chuzenji, Kegon Falls, and Kanmangafuchi Abyss, and Akechidara Ropeway. These will be split up probably the heritage tour site bus for the 1st day and the Lake, Falls, and Ropeway the 2nd day.

Would arriving at 11am into Tobu-Nikko Station be too late to do all these things on the first day and follow through to the second day?

I'm looking at the Nikko All Day pass with the discounted Spacia round trip tickets and arriving in Nikko at 11am on day 1 and leaving Nikko at 7:20pm on day 2.

The difference is that the arriving 11am train is the new Revaty Kegon train vs the older Kegon Spacia train for other times. I don't know if there is a big difference between riding the new train vs old comfort wise. If anyone can speak to that I'd appreciate that too.
by Rin (guest)  

Re: Nikko 2 days- Arriving at 11 am too late? 2017/11/15 00:46
I only know the normal Spacia train and it is comfortable. So if your trip is more about seeing Nikko it would be better to add rice earlier to give you more time. If instead you are a train enthusiast and your main goal is to take this new train, well then arriving at 11:00 after your perfect ride will be fine too.
I think you did not write when you will be going but remember that in Japan it gets dark quite early year around and also attractions close accordingly early.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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Re: Nikko 2 days- Arriving at 11 am too late? 2017/11/15 04:51
Thanks for your reply!

The other regular Kegon train I was looking at is only about 30 minutes prior, so arriving at 10:30a instead of 11am--not much a difference there.

Leaving I plan on taking the 7:15pm or so revaty train back to Tokyo. I hope that's not too late, but I figure I can always hopefully go to a coffee shop or something and wait if nothing else is open.

I dont think I can get up and be on time for the train for the other option going to Nikko, which is leaving at 7:30am.
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Re: Nikko 2 days- Arriving at 11 am too late? 2017/11/15 05:00
Oops, forgot to mention I'll be going there Nov 26. So the sun would set I think about 4:30 or so.
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