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Bus to Lake Toya from Sapporo Station 2017/11/14 12:44
Can someone please be so kind to provide the bus timetable (in English) from Sapporo Station to Lake Toya by Donan bus? How many services are there in a day?
And the return bus timetable to Sapporo station?
Thanks in advance.
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Re: Bus to Lake Toya from Sapporo Station 2017/11/14 18:44

Unsure if you are planning to stay overnight at Toyako, if you are, check with the ryokan, they might have
"complimentary" shuttle bus from Sapporo.
I do not know any direct bus to Toyako from Sapporo, you might want to consider train to Toya station and bus to Toyako.
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Re: Bus to Lake Toya from Sapporo Station 2017/11/16 23:54
Hello this is timely as I was in Toyako just a few weeks ago. I did notice there is a bus route to go from Lake Toya to Sapporo Station. At Toyako, the bus departs from the Bus Terminal (most if not all buses that go through Toyako makes stops at this Bus Terminal).

The bus service to Sapporo is offered by Donan Bus, and requires reservation to ensure a seat. You can just show up at the bus stop but depending on when you want to depart the bus could be empty. When I was in Tokyako just a few weeks ago, there was no one at the bus terminal.

Unfortunately Donan Bus website does not offer English timetables (I tried to look myself). There is a timetable and it looks like there are four trips per day departing from Toyako to Sapporo at 7:26, 9:51, 12:31, 5:31. From Sapporo it departs 10:10, 2:10, 4:10, 5:10. You might want to private message me and I can send you the link.

Alternatively you can take the JR from Toya Station. Take the train all the way to Sapporo and takes about 2.5 hours but is rather expensive if you do not have the JR East South Hokkaido Pass or the JR Hokkaido Pass.

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Re: Bus to Lake Toya from Sapporo Station 2017/11/17 13:33
Thank you both for your most helpful reply. I finally managed to find some information on the donan bus timetable from one of the blogs posted by travellers. With this info, I can now plan my trip. Once again, many thanks, it's most appreciated
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