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Filipino citizen need visa for one day? 2017/11/16 04:28
Hi, I am taking my brother to cruise and there is one day that we are stopping in Okinawa, Japan.
Does he need to get visa? I appreciate any response.

Thank you,
Helen B
by Helen Bernstein (guest)  

Re: Filipino citizen need visa for one day? 2017/11/16 13:26
What did the cruise company say to your question?
by hakata14 (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Filipino citizen need visa for one day? 2017/11/17 00:19
Check with the cruise company to see if your cruise is applicable, but if so, the good news is that from 2015 these rules have been relaxed: A system of glanding permission for cruise ship touristsh allowing landing through simplified procedures has been established for foreign passengers of cruise ships designated by the Minister of Justice.
See point 2 in this web page:
by Jim (guest) rate this post as useful

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