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Identifying Goshuin 2017/11/19 00:14
As I lost the notes for the first few I got, any assistance would be fantastic. I've posted an album of the images in question here:

I know the very first one on the right is Sensoji. The next few should be from Ueno Park, the next few should be from Nikko and then Kamakura.

Thanks a lot.
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Re: Identifying Goshuin 2017/11/19 13:22
First Top
Left:Shinobazu-no-ike Bentendo, Kaneiji

Second Top
Right:Gojo ten Jinja

Third Top
Left:Nikko-san Rin-no-Ji, Taiyu-In

Forth Top
Right:Nikko Futara San Jinja
Left:Nikko Tosho-Gu

Fifth Top
Right:Tosho-Gu Okumiya
Left:Tosho-Gu Nakiryu(Yakushido)

Sixth Top
Right:Engakuji, Kamakura
Left:Engakuji-San nai-Butsunichian

Seventh Top
Right:Daihonzan Kencho-Ji
Left:Daihonzan kencho-Ji

Eighth Top
Right:Fukugen-san Meigetsu-In


Note:You are visiting Ueno on Nov 5, Nikko Nov 6 and Kamakura on Nov 7.
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Re: Identifying Goshuin 2017/11/19 15:10
Thank you so very much! I noticed that the names you gave are sometimes different from what I remember - can I possibly abuse your kindness to check the rest of the goshuin we collected, just in case?

Again, many thanks for your help.
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Re: Identifying Goshuin 2017/11/20 05:31
First Top
Right:Daitokuji-san-nai, Daisen-In (Kyoto, Nov 9)
Left:Fushimi Inari Taisha(Kyoto, Nov 10)

Second Top
Right:Fushimi Inari Taisha, Oku-sha(Kyoto, Nov 10)
Left:Inari yama(Kyoto, Nov 10)

Third Top
Right:Byo-Do-In, Houou-Do(Kyoto, Nov 10)

Fourth Top
Right:Kitano-Ten Mangu(Kyoto, Nov 11)
Left:Sanju-Sangen-Do(Kyoto, Nov 11)

Fifth Top
Right:Chi-Shaku-In(Kyoto, Nov 11)
Left:Eifuku-Ji(Tako-Yakushi-Do), Kyoto, Nov 11

Sixth Top
Right:SeiganJi(Kyoto, Nov 11)
Left:Itsuku-Shima-Jinja(Hiroshima, Nov 12)

Seventh Top:
Right:Itsuku-Shima-Benzaiten, Daigan-Ji(Hiroshima, Nov 12)
Left:Miyajima, Misen-Hondo(Dai-Sho-In)

Eighth Top
Right:Shinagawa-Jinja(Tokyo, Nov 14)
Left:Meiji-Jingu(Tokyo, Nov 15)
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Re: Identifying Goshuin 2017/11/20 05:39
Once again thank you for this invaluable help.
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