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Cell phone + internet with BIC SIM/IIJmio 2017/11/23 22:14
We've just moved to Tokyo and are thinking about getting the home internet and MVNO mobile phone package from BIC SIM/IIJmio. It's really cheap compared with a direct contract with the one of the big three (Softbank, AU, Docomo) but we wanted to ask if anyone had experience with them, as if the coverage/service is really bad and we want to change, we'd have to pay a cancellation fee. We've already read this helpful blog:
Any advice re BIC SIM/IIJmio would be much appreciated!
by Sam (guest)  

Re: Cell phone + internet with BIC SIM/IIJmio 2017/11/24 10:37
It is very simple: the only MVNOs providing good service are UQ and Y mobile; all others are garbage. The above-linked article is garbage as well as I have said many times; all it does is compile basic information about prices, etc. (and even that, it does not do well) without sa ying anything about service quality.
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Re: Cell phone + internet with BIC SIM/IIJmio 2017/11/24 10:45
I use IlJmio in Tokyo for mobile phone and have no problem with it at all. It uses Docomo. I have just recently travelled through Japan including quite remote places and never had any problems with it.

I don't know about home phone / home internet.

Enjoy your life in Japan!
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Re: Cell phone + internet with BIC SIM/IIJmio 2017/11/29 14:04
BIC SIM is service name, the SIM card is provided by IIJ.
I think IIJ is very good MVNO.

at home
I recommend you to use WiMax or Softbank Air.

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