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Day trip from Osaka to Nabana No Sato 2017/11/30 02:23
Im planning to go to Nabano No Sato on a day trip from Osaka on either Dec 31 or Jan 1
Question area :
1. Which day is better in terms of park opening hour and crowd
2. What is the best transportation scheme (I want to take train as much as possible)
3. Will Kansai pass valid for the train (Im using Kansai pass for my day trip to Hiroshima as well)

Many Thanks in advance
by Antonio (guest)  

Re: Day trip from Osaka to Nabana No Sato 2017/12/3 21:19
Why day trip? The highlight in Nanana no Sato is illumination.

Anyway, here is Nabana no Sato Opening Hours.
900-2200: Weekends and some other special days
900-2100: Weekdays, 31 Dec, and 1 Jan
Both days have the same opening hours.
On both days, illumination starts at 1710.

At Nagashima Spaland, 7km away from Nabana no Sato, Nagashima Countdown & New Year's Party 2018 will be held from 2200 on Dec 31 to 0300 on Jan 1. Nashima Onsen opens until 0500 on Jan 1. Because of this, I expect more crowds at Nanana no Sato on 31 Dec. If you want to avoid crowds, 1 Jan would be better. If you want to enjoy the countdown as well, 31 Dec is an answer.

Here I assume you would leave Nabana no Sato at the closing time at 2100. Sanko bus leaves at 2105 and it would take 12 minutes to Kintetsu Nagashima station (220 yen).
Take a Kintetsu Junkyu train to Kuwana at 2133 (arrival 2137), then take an Urban Liner Express to Osaka-Namba at 2147 (arrival 2353). The above Kintetsu trains cost 3860 yen.

Kintesu sells a dedicated ticket including trains, buses, an entrance ticket, and a coupon. The coupon worth 1000 yen inside Nanana no Sato. There are many types of tickets depending on your departure station. For example, the one from Osaka-Namba costs 5950 yen.

There is another direct bus to Nagoya Meitetsu Bus Center from Nabana no Sato.
Another 51 min should be enough for the fastest JR Shinkansen Nozomi to Shin-Osaka from Nagoya. But it is very expensive and the arrival time to Osaka is similar to the one by Kintetsu Express. Moreover, your Kansai Pass should not cover Nagoya. Nagoya is on JR Central. Kansai-Hiroshima Area Pass is by JR West.

However, Kansai-Hiroshima Pass is valid to Nara or Kyoto. You may think of buses from there to Nagoya.
4100 yen (round trip): JR Nara 650-925 Meitetsu Bus Center 1930-2220 JR Nara
4100 yen (round trip): JR Kyoto 700-939 Meitetsu BC 1900-2147 Kyoto

For a foreign traveler, Kintetsu Rail Pass including Nagoya is sold at a price as low as 3600 yen. Maybe this is the one for your case. It is valid for 5 days.
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Re: Day trip from Osaka to Nabana No Sato 2017/12/3 22:39
Many Thanks Luisjp for a very comprehensive feedback & guidance.
This is extremely useful & helpful
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Re: Day trip from Osaka to Nabana No Sato 2017/12/3 22:55
Hi Luisjp

I have 1 more question:
If I want to enjoy the countdown as well, 31 Dec. Is there any public transportation for me & my family to return to Osaka after the countdown? Im thinking of 1am
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Re: Day trip from Osaka to Nabana No Sato 2017/12/4 15:45
For Nagashima Countdown, Mie Kotsu, Sanco Bus, runs at least 4 special buses to Kuwana station.
Sanco Bus from Nagashima Onsen to Kuwana on 1 Jan.
1: 00 30
2: 00 30

Meitetsu Bus runs 16 special direct buses to Nagoya over the night.

Kintetsu Railways runs over the night. Here are some timetables.
Kintetsu Nagoya station
Kuwana station
Kyoto station
Kintetsu Nara station
Osaka-Namba station
Toba station
Ise-shi station
Ise-Nakagawa station

So, there should be no problem. Nagashima Countdown is just a western favor event, primarily for the youth generation. On New Year's Eve, Omisoka in Japanese, the Japanese eat Toshikoshi Soba (noddles over the year), hear Joya no Kane ring (bells of temples ring over the year), visit a shrine for Ninen-Mairi (over the year visit) or Hatsu-Moude (the first visit of the year), and see Hatsu-Hinode (the first sunrise of the year). A significant fraction of Japanese does not sleep from Omisoka to Gantan (the morning of New Year's Day). They get up late on New Year's Day, Ganjitsu, eat Zoni (Mochi, rice cakes, in a soup), and go to Hatsu-Uri (the first selling) on this day or later.

Nara and Kyoto are full of temples and shrines. There is the top shrine Ise Jingu in Shima Peninsula. This peninsula is a good place to see Hatsu-Hinode. That is a reason for the overnight operation of Kintetsu Railways. Along with Kintetsu, Nagoya Subways, Osaka Subways, and others also operate over the night. Here is a map for JR West for your Kansai-Hiroshima Pass. The east edges are Kusatsu and Sakurai stations.

Here are some statistics for visitors.
Atsuta Jingu Shrine (Nagoya): 2.3 million visitors during 1-3 Jan, Sanganichi
Ise Jungu Shirine: 500,000 visitors during Sanganichi
Futami Okitama Shirine, Meoto-Iwa (Shima, sunrise at around 7:15): 70,000 visiters on Jan 1
Fushimi Inari Shrine (Kyoto): 2.7 million visitors during Sanganichi
Yasaka Shrine (Kyoto): 1 million visitors during Sanganichi
Kashihara Jingu Shrine (Nara): 1 million visitors during Sanganichi
Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine (Osaka): 2.5 million visitors during Sanganichi
Ikuta Shrine (Kobe): 1.5 million visitors during Sanganichi
Minatogawa Shirine (Kobe): 1.1 million visitors during Sanganichi
Nagata Shirine: 700,000 visitors during Sanganichi

So you could select any set of such events, such as

Dec 31: Nabana no Sato and Nagashima Countdown, Hatsu-Moude in Ise, Hatsu-Hinode at Shima Peninsula
Jan 1: Sumiyoshi Taisha and Hatsu-Uri in Osaka


Dec 31: Joya no Kane, Ninen-Mairi or Hatsu-Moude in Nara or Kyoto
Jan 1: Nabana no Sato

In the case of Dec 31: Nabana no Sato and Nagashima Countdown only, this would be the fastest route to Osaka: Nagashima Onsen 100-(Sanco Bus: 10 min)-110: Kuwana 117-(Ise-Shima Liner: 40 min)-200: Ise-Nakagawa 207-(Urban Liner: 80 min)-330: Osaka-Namba. You would see many Japanese who wear Kimono or Furisode on the way to Ise.
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Re: Day trip from Osaka to Nabana No Sato 2017/12/4 15:45
No, in that case you will need to stay somewhere nearby.
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Re: Day trip from Osaka to Nabana No Sato 2017/12/5 17:21
You could ignore the message above, which was issued at the same time with my previous post. He had no time to see the official timetables during Dec 31 - Jan 1 shown in my post.

Anyway, here I list up some other events in Osaka metro. If you could find something interesting to you, you might not have to stay up as late as 330.

USJ Universal Countdown Party Dec 31 1900 - Jan 1 2100 (26 hours)
HEP FIVE Countdown Live Dec 31 2300 - whole night
Sky Building Floating Garden Countdown Dec 31 2300 - Jan 1 0100 (Jan 1 0500 - for the sunrise)
Osaka Castle Hall flumpool Countdown Live Dec 31 2200 - Jan 1 0130
Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine Hatsu-Moude Dec 31 2200 - Jan 1 0300:
Osaka Bay Santa Maria Countdown Cruise Dec 31 2330 - Jan 0030
Shinsaibashi Dining Bar POOL SET
Orix Theater Minmi Countdown Dec 31 2100 - 2400

Suma Marine Aquarium Dec 31 1700 - Jan 1 0100
Kobe Cruise Conchert Dec 31 2230 - Jan 1 0030
Akashi Straight Bridge Countdown Dec 31 2230 - 2400
(x) Nanki Shirahama Countdown Fireworks Dec 31 2230 - 2400+
(x) Wakayama Marina City Porto Europe Dec 31 1900 - Jan 1 0050( - 0200)

Osaka Castle 3D Mapping Illumination Dec 31 1730 - Jan 1 0130
Numba Grand Kagetsu Dec 31 2300 - Jan 1 0040
Chion-in Temple Joya no Kane Dec 31 (2000 - )2240 -

Imayuu Happy New Year Party Dec 2300 - Jan 0100
Hatsu-Moude at Narita-san
Hatsu-Moude at Osaka Tenmangu
Hatsu-Moude at Hiraoka Shrine
Hatsu-Moude at Shitennoji

Biwako Hall Concert

I have not checked every detail. However, at least two in Wakayama (marked with x) are not covered by the overnight operation of JR West.
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Re: Day trip from Osaka to Nabana No Sato 2017/12/5 20:16
Here are some more updates, mainly for JR.

In the case that you leave Nabana no Sato at 2100, the closing time of the illumination, you would arrive at Kintetsu-Nagashima station at 2117: (Illumination)-2100 Nabana no Sato 2105-(Sanco Bus 220 yen)-2117 Kintetsu-Nagashima (for Dec 30 - Jan 3).

From there, you could get to JR Kusatsu by 2345. Kusatsu is in the region of the JR overnight operation. So, you could get back to your hotel in Osaka. JR Tsuge is on the way and covered by the Pass. So the cost for a return from Nabana no Sato is 1400 yen.

On Jan 1, there is no JR overnight operation. In that case, you could reach JR Osaka by 2410, with a help of a Kintetsu Urban Liner train. JR Tsuruhashi is on the way and covered by the Pass. Then, the cost for this return is 3950 yen.

Or, you could reach Osaka-Namba by 2353, all by Kintetsu Railways. The total cost for this return with the Sanco Bus is 4080 yen.

If you give up Nagashima Countdown, you could come back to Osaka rather economical, but you would be on a JR train to Kyoto at the time of the new year comes.

So, there would be two choices for a countdown event.

Plan 1:
Dec 31 Nabana no Sato + Nagashima Countdown (Arrival at Osaka around 2730)


Plan 2:
Dec 31 Countdown at Osaka
Jan 1 Nabana no Sato (Arrival at Osaka around 2400)

If you allow taking a Shinkansen train, you could get to JR Kyoto by 2238. With one and a half left, you would be able to take part in some countdown event in Kyoto, Nara, or Osaka. As JR Kusatsu is covered by the Pass, all you need to pay is a base fare from JR Nagashima to JR Kusatsu via JR Nagoya (2590 yen), an additional ticket for an unreserved seat on a Shinkansen train from JR Nagoya to JR Kyoto (2480 yen), and a Sanco Bus fare from Nagashima Onsen to Kintetsu-Nagashima (220 yen). The total becomes 5290 yen.

Plan 3:
Dec 31 Nabana no Sato + Countdown at Kyoto, Nara, or Osaka
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Re: Day trip from Osaka to Nabana No Sato 2017/12/5 22:24

This is so cool & awesome !!!
Thank you so much for this wonderful and details guide
Its very helpful
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