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20 day itinerary Chugoku/Shikoku 2017/12/5 17:30
Hello, We are a 60fs couple who have made many trips to Japan, and love to go on relaxing self-drive regional tours off the beaten track. Eating local food, visiting Onsen and enjoying scenery are our priorities, not visiting temples and shrines. We have booked our return flight to Hiroshima in early March 2018. For our 20 day stay, our macro plan is:

5N HIROSHIMA (use bus pass, pick up rental car in city on day 5)






1N HIROSHIMA (return rental car, check in hotel and depart next day)


1. Is our itinerary ok?

2. To manage cost, we plan to drive non-toll roads (like we did in KYŪSHŪ). Any comments/advice would be welcome.

3. There are 3 bridges connecting HONSHŪ to SHIKOKU, which bridge should we take to get best views and incur not too expensive tolls?

4. We would like to stay in simple accommodation most nights except for ryokan Onsen stay with good Kaiseki dinner on some indulgent days. Any good ones to recommend, and which city?

5. Any advice on how to avoid overnight Carpark charges? Should we stay at rural areas ?

Any advice would be deeply appreciated, thank you.
by pawpooh  

Re: 20 day itinerary Chugoku/Shikoku 2017/12/5 18:33
Are you really sure you need a rental car the whole time? Everywhere you have mentioned has good public transport options.

One place you didn't mention is the middle mountain/valley area of Shikoku, which sometimes like the center of Kyushu is better explored by car.
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