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''Ito'' as a first name? 2005/4/24 04:49
Does anybody knows, if ''Ito'' can be used as a first name as well? If yes, what is the meaning of Ito?
by Oliver Engling  

No 2005/4/24 08:12
No. Ito can be a family name only.
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Ito 2005/4/24 08:24

I don't think it is common now, but Ito (with a short "o") can be a female name written in a number of ways.
If you are interested, you can look up the different ways of writing it in Jim Breen's web dictionary, which also includes a large database of names.
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You can name your child any way 2005/4/24 17:49
Like most people around the world, the Japanese are free to name your child how ever they want (with a few exceptions on the Chinese characters they can use).

So Ito as a first name is possible. But you can't know the meaning of a name for sure unless you ask the name holder or the parents.

But "ito" means "string," and I can imagine a female having such a name, especially in generations older than my great grandmother.

Btw, Ito is a common family name, but is pronounced "itou" while the world meaing "string" is pronounced without the sustain.
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typo 2005/4/24 17:50
incorrect: world meaing "string"

correct: word meaning "string"

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yes 2008/5/13 13:07
yes it can and has, strangely enough my grandfather recieved the name ito, his father immigrated to our country and the name does stand for thread/string, he intended the name in our culture to be symbolic of life/time/destiny.
i am unsure as cannot recall but i know it was to mean the japanese symbolic of thread/string and not the literal.
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