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Train Route from Kansai to Kyoto to Tokyo 2017/12/7 06:39
Our itenerary:

Arrive Kinsai on Friday, 12/22 at 3:15 p.m.
To Kyoto by train. We will stay in Kyoto from 12/22 to 12/25 and will stay at Guest House Kyoto Shirakawa. How far is the nearest JR station to the Guest House?
We leave Kyoto on 12/26 to Tokyo and will stay there through 12/30 at Royal Park Hotel The Shiodome.From Tokyo we head to Narita Airport

Thank you for your help.

by Tony Putulin (guest)  

Re: Train Route from Kansai to Kyoto to Tokyo 2017/12/7 12:32

Sorry to hear google is broken.

Above is a google map of where you hotel is located. There is no JR station close by. But there is two subway stations.

You can use the search direction function to see how to get there from Kansai Airport.
by hakata14 (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Train Route from Kansai to Kyoto to Tokyo 2017/12/7 12:37
You can search at Google Map and HyperDia.
Btw KIX and Kyoto, KIX web mentioned in EN.

Order at "JR" ticket counter of KIX a long "base fare" ticket "KIX to Tokyo" ticket(valid 5 days) will be cheaper.
For using LtdExp(including Shinkansen) need LtdExp fee(reserved/non-reserved seat) plus.
On 22, for KIX to Kyoto as "stop over(cannot back and return)",
On 26, for Kyoto to Tokyo(valid within 23wards JR-East stn all covered until ticket gate out).

JR is the biggest railway company group.
- KIX : JR-West
- Kyoto to Tokyo (by Tokaido Shinkansen) : JR-Central
- Tokyo and aroud : JR-East

Shinkansen is the bullet train, fastest one "Nozomi" will be 285km/h max,
but year end is one of busiest week, you may not get seats as same line or block if larger group,
bc Kyoto is not 1st dep stn of Shinkansen(train).
by BNiex (guest) rate this post as useful

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