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Spending New Year in Kansai 2017/12/8 20:51
Hi all. Planning a last minute trip to Kansai. Flying into Osaka on Dec 30 and out on Jan 7. Not our first trip to Osaka/Kyoto so we would like to see something new (g Ise Jingu, Toba, Wakayama) and revisit some of our favourite spots. Have following questions and appreciate if anyone can help:

1. Hope to visit the Shrine/temple on Dec 31 night to immerse in the Hatsumode's atmosphere. Should we go to Ise Jingu or should we stay in Kyoto for this? Which temple/shrine in Kyoto is best for the experience? Not sure if we can still get accommodation in Ise but in Kyoto, I checked and we can get accommodation although it will be expensive.

2. Understand a lot of the restaurants and shops will be closed over the new year. Given this consideration, is Kyoto a better place to be at for the holidays vs Ise from the standpoint of getting food and having things to see?

3. What other activities we should definitely try to do over this period for the cultural and unique Japanese experience and where is best for that?

4. Is it a good time to visit Wakayama over this period? What are the must sees we should not miss?

by Kool (guest)  

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