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Student COE wait time? 2017/12/9 15:57
Hey everyone!
Ifm a pretty impatient person, but anyways, my COE was applied for by the school just a few days ago! Ifm pretty worried about the wait time and the possible rejection of it.
Ifm a pessimist at heart, I think about all the stuff that can go wrong. My own father has etched the Murphyfs Law in my brain permanently. So much so, I cried after my interview was over with the Japanese Language School I applied to, because I thought I failed miserably. What can go wrong will go wrong, but long story short, I found out I passed the intial interview, and then I cried of happiness.
Ifm basically never positive about anything. Ifm absolutely negative about everything till something positive shows up. But I canft lie its pretty stressing out to think about all these things this way.
Anyone here with any experience with their Student COEs, like the wait time or something? Itfd help me a lot! Thank you!
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Re: Student COE wait time? 2017/12/9 17:44
The CoE application processing will take as long as necessary. Other people's experiences are meaningless, as every situation is different and applications are handled case by case.
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Re: Student COE wait time? 2017/12/9 18:02
Your school just applied few days ago. That is nothing. Ask your school, but the wait time is several weeks to months. This does not mean that it will be rejected or that there is a problem.

As you have recognized already your problem of being very pessimistic (without cause) about anything, have a thought about getting some help for that, as it might make your life quite stressful.

Enjoy your student life in Japan!
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Re: Student COE wait time? 2017/12/17 12:58
Oh bro im like you right now hahaha.
the same same situation XD, im very negative and always think about failing on all X'D hahahaha

So i applied to a Language school on Japan too, the accepted me few ago, i waited for it around 4 months LOL ''i though i wouldnt me accepted'' but it happened hahaha.
Now they told me that inmigration usually takes around 1 month to 3 month to send the COE to the school then they send it to you, so im waiting for that, seems ill get it around march ''lets pray for it''.

I had testimonials over internet about COE for students, people say that usually if the school acepts you its like the 90% that you will get the COE, well that makes me feel positive hahahaha.

Stay positive bro!

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Re: Student COE wait time? 2017/12/18 09:29
April intake the COE will be out around Febuary
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Re: Student COE wait time? 2018/1/8 20:36

Dude thanks so much! I know how you feel! The wait is killing me XD
Mine went to immigrations in Decemeber, so far its been a month, Ifm hoping it comes by either the end of this month, January or somewhere in February! Ifm excited and scared at the same time!
Wefll both probably get ours at the same time XD thatfd be epic!


Youfre probably right, Ifm definitely holding my breath till then! Thanks for the input! Appreciate it! ^.^
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Re: Student COE wait time? 2018/1/17 15:44
Hey wander!

Well yea bro be positive, many good things can happen!
If your studies starts on Spril you should be getting the answer from your school about the COE around Feb maybe like the last days of Feb, and seems they send it to you middle of March, so dont worry! lets pray together to let this goes positive!

We gonna get it XD dont worry.
I'had been waiting since Octuber from the last year or maybe a little longer, so the date is getting closer!
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