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Bus from osaka station to Kawaguchiko Station 2017/12/11 11:56

I will travel to mount fuji by bus from Osaka station.

May I know where the place to buy bus ticket for fujikyujko/kintetsu bus nearby osaka?

by nad (guest)  

Re: Bus from osaka station to Kawaguchiko Station 2017/12/11 15:17
At the Kintetsu Highway Bus Center near Osaka-Uehonmachi station.
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Re: Bus from osaka station to Kawaguchiko Station 2017/12/11 17:33
You can book and pay via Willer web even fr out of Japan.
Booking starts only one month before fr travel date, click calender date.
Also read the FAQ and more. (jump to page top or bottom)

That route bus name is "Fujiyama-liner" need booking in advance, (no "seat No." booking)
("81-" means int'l call)
two bus companies "Kintestu(thin-green)" and "Fujikyuko(white)" shared,
(NOT "fujikyujko", "Fujikyuko" = "Fujikyu bus" as nick enough, kyuko means just "Express")

Dep bus stop is here. (No ticket sales counter)

If you can read Japanese, or have a friend of Japanese speaker see the JP web.
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