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Low tier jobs in Japan? 2017/12/14 07:54
I had a discussion lately with a past travel mate whom I met in Japan several years ago about the working culture in Japan and if there are any so called low tier jobs in Japan. I am not sure if this might be sensitive or something to discuss as it might put people in bad light but just curious.

I saw the movie Departures some years ago where they put light on funeral workers handling dead people, which apparently is a very low tier job in Japan as handling the dead is seen as impure.

We came up with other "ideas" of low tier jobs like bus drivers, train conductors, cleaning staff, fast food chain staff, etc.

Cleaning staff where I live is often seen as low tier and met with less respect, as well as per-nurses and health care staff working with elderly people.

Again, I hope this is not too sensitive to discuss here. Just asking out of curiosity. I have no intent on working in Japan or so.
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Re: Low tier jobs in Japan? 2017/12/14 15:08
Train conductors and to a less extent bus drivers is a highly valued job. And not badly paid.

A not very well regarded job is butcher.

Fast food jobs are probably mostly part time jobs for students. So I wouldnft classify them as low tier as it isnft a career choice.

Not sure where you want to go with this question.
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Re: Low tier jobs in Japan? 2017/12/14 16:09
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Re: Low tier jobs in Japan? 2017/12/15 16:47
Don't confuse lower tier jobs from your home country to lower tier jobs in Japan. They are completely different.

In Japan, lower tier jobs tend to be the ones where you get your hand dirty. Japanese are germaphobes, so dirty jobs are less attractive.

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