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Parents New Years Gift 2017/12/14 13:36
I'm meeting my significant other's family for the first time over New Years. What is a good gift I can give them? My significant other said not to worry about a gift, but I'd still like to do it.

Back in the US I would just bring a nice bottle of champagne, but I'm not sure what to do here. We are having a traditional Japanese meal. Is there anything I could bring for it?

Also is there a nice gift I could buy his mother?
by Moonie (guest)  

Re: Parents New Years Gift 2017/12/14 21:21
Champagne sounds nice as long as you're sure the parents both drink. What would you do if an American host you're visiting doesn't drink on Christmas or New Year's Day? Do the same. A lot of American things go good with a Japanese dinner table.

By the way, you can try talking to your significant other again. It's important that you both know you need to make a good impression for the parents who are essentially your future in-laws. You do need to bring something for them.
by Uco rate this post as useful

Re: Parents New Years Gift 2017/12/21 00:53
I agree with Uco-san, when I met my parents in law for the first time I had prepared it well with my wife (then girlfriend), it is important to make a good impression and bring some nice omiyage. The best person to help you is your partner as tastes do differ.
by Jim (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Parents New Years Gift 2017/12/22 13:58
I think tea is a nice, safe all-purpose gift in Japan.
by Gigi (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Parents New Years Gift 2017/12/22 14:21
Arranged flowers is good for most of the occasion.

by ... (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Parents New Years Gift 2017/12/22 16:25
I would think that most Japanese will appreciate a regional speciality from the place you are from. So instead of champagne (assuming you are not French), tea (is there American tea???) or a Japanese flower arrangement I would go for something classy and special from your region. Just keep in mind that certain products (eg meat) cannot be imported to Japan.
by LikeBike rate this post as useful

Re: Parents New Years Gift 2017/12/22 17:15
I had the impression that the OP is living here in Japan since the post mentioned "Back in the US". If so, ethnicity isn't an issue. But if you are travelling from overseas, it would be a nice gesture to bring something from that country regardless of your own nationality.
by Uco rate this post as useful

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