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One Punch Man Merch 2017/12/14 23:12
Hey everyone,

I'm currently in Tokyo and looking for a store or something that has One Punch Man merchandise? Key chains, pin buttons, etc. etc. I tried looking at Akihabara but its just so much stuff there and I'm having a hard time finding any.

If anyone have seen some or know where exactly, please tell me so I can buy some for my friend.
by vancouverite30  

Re: One Punch Man Merch 2017/12/15 14:15
One-Punch Man is the English title which most Japanese probably don't recognize if you ask around. In Japan, it is known as ワンパンマン (Wan Pan Man). I don't know where to buy goods related to it, but when asking a Japanese sales clerk make sure to ask by the Japanese name.
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Re: One Punch Man Merch 2017/12/15 16:38
I saw One Punch Man stuff everywhere. Lower basement shops in Tokyo Station. Pop culture shops at Harajuku. Pop culture shops in Ikebukuro. etc.
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Re: One Punch Man Merch 2017/12/15 18:02
Awesome you guys! I'll check it out tomorrow. I'm here by myself and I dont speak Japanese so its a challenge. Haha! But fun! Thanks a lot.
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Re: One Punch Man Merch 2017/12/15 18:08
Well you speak/write/read English. So you should have no issues in Tokyo.
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Re: One Punch Man Merch 2017/12/15 22:34
Go back to Akihabara, again :)
"Animete Akihabara" is the largest anime goods shop, up to 4 and 5F.
But finding such small stuffs at used shops in Akihabara may be enough.

Also if enough time, you should go to Animate in "Ikebukuro"
located 30min far NorthWest by JR local train, 200Y/oneway fr Akihabara.
and "Nakano Broadway", located about 30min far west by JR local train, 220Y/oneway fr Akihabara.

And, if would like to try to saying(asking) in JP
"One Pun Man goods wa, dokodesuka?(ワンパンマン グッズは、どこですか?)"
(= Where is the goods of One Punch Man?)
Also would be better showing a image of main character "Saitama", if you have a cellphone or tabletPC.

Original title is "ワンパンマン(One Pun Man)", just shorted fr "Punch".
Also if bad pronunciation will be another super big hero "アンパンマン(AnnPanMan)", be carefull :)
"Anpan(あんぱん)" is the famous bread, around 1USD very cheap
and getting it very easy at covenience stores and more.

However, most shop staff understand such easy Q, foreigners asked by EN usual, no worry.
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