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100 yen Book shop in Tokyo 2017/12/16 22:08
In Japan,100~ shop(Total cost= 108~ ) & 100~ Bus Fare is very helpful for us.As well as helpful for Thousands of Foreign residence and Japanese nationals.In Book shop,Maximum Book cost several Hundreds yen to several Thousands yen .So I am looking for second hand Bookshop in Tokyo.
where Maximum Books will cost 100~ or under.
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Re: 100 yen Book shop in Tokyo 2017/12/17 11:01
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Re: 100 yen Book shop in Tokyo 2017/12/17 20:43
Book Off is your best choice.
The chepest books and magazines usually cost 108 yen, but if you buy a certain amount (I think over 5400 yen) you can get them tax free and thus it's 100 yen per item.

Book Off stores can be found at any major station in Tokyo, e.g. in Ikebukuro (near Tokyu Hands), Shibuya, Akihabara etc.
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Re: 100 yen Book shop in Tokyo 2017/12/17 22:27
Actually, any second hand book shop sells books for 100 yen or even cheaper. Book Off is only one example among them. Plus, most Book Off shops do not carry many foreign language books.

Try areas like Jinbocho where there are many second hand book shops. The cheaper books are usually piled just outside the entrance. You can also find second hand book shops near universities.

Another option is to ask at a church. Some churches often hold bazaars to collect donation, and I used to donate a lot of English books which seemed to have been popular to a foreign reader who attends the church.
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