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Any cheap place to stay at Kyoto? 2017/12/17 12:32
Hello guys!

I was wondering, anyone knows a cheap place to live at kyoto? im planning to go over there by april to study around 1 or 2 years, so i was in the search for living places, apartments, etc.
I dont really care about luxury places and suchs, all i need is where to live and take a shower hahaha.

Thanks for taking your time reading me!

by HawkinsDuo  

Re: Any cheap place to stay at Kyoto? 2017/12/17 13:02
@mods Since this is about a long-term stay, it should be in "Living".

Have you asked your school? done a Google search?
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Re: Any cheap place to stay at Kyoto? 2017/12/17 13:34
Sorry the school replied few ago!
Seems they can help me on that.

Thanks for the fast answer!
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Re: Any cheap place to stay at Kyoto? 2017/12/17 15:12
Kyoto is known as the old capital of Japan with many temples and shrines. Therefore it is very touristic place, But at the same time Kyoto is the capital of Japanese cuisine and is also the student town. So the apartments are not so expensive (of course there are variations) nor the food expensive. As I searched on the net, the apartments are from around 20000 yen though there is not shower in the room (maybe shared, or none at all: you can take bath in the bathhouses nearby). You might better find the apartment close to your school. In Kyoto most students walk or bike to their schools.
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Re: Any cheap place to stay at Kyoto? 2017/12/19 03:01
Thanks for your answer!

Well i had been looking through the web too nad had found apartments around 48k JPY to 35k, i think those price are good tho, but i still looking for prices.
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Re: Any cheap place to stay at Kyoto? 2017/12/19 03:43
If you are staying only 1 year, you might want to look into some shared houses or student accommodation. The problem with "normal" rent is , that you have high initial expenses, often amounting to 5 months rent to be paid upfront. Approximately 1 month for the rental agency, 1 or 2 months as deposit (which you will get back only partially at the end... well, theoretically you could get it back complete, but more likely only partially due to final through cleaning and some repairs that will be charged to you), 1 month as "Thank you money" to the flat owner, possibly around 1 month rent for insurance (if you don't have a guarantator in Japan), and then 1 or 2 months of actual rent upfront.

It depends on each property, rental agency and owner, but be prepared to have these high upfront payments. Thus specially if you are looking only for 1 year (your post said 1 - 2 years), you will want to look for a place not only with a cheap rent, but with low additional costs.

Thus with student shared houses some of these costs can be avoided.

Enjoy your life in Japan!
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