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Leaf wrapped food? 2017/12/18 09:36
I was staying in a local minshuku recently and was served something that was wrapped inside a kind of leaf or something.

I was not sure how to eat this, if I should have opened the leaf or chewed it whole. It was too hard to chew on actually so I put it away eventually. I have no picture of it unfortunately but maybe someone recognize this from typical Japanese dishes?
by Jonny (guest)  

Re: Leaf wrapped food? 2017/12/18 11:11

You are mentioning about it?
It is called Kakinoha-sushi popular in Wakayama pref..

The leaf is come from persimmon.
You can throw off as is not eatable.
by biwakoman rate this post as useful

Re: Leaf wrapped food? 2017/12/18 14:39
Actually it could be anything, and there is a great variety of Japanese dishes wrapped in leaf. Some leaves are supposed to be eaten, even though some people find it to be too hard, such as in the case of sakura-mochi and takana-onigiri. Some are rare specialties that people wouldn't commonly know of.

Next time you should ask how to eat it. For example, you can gesture by bringing the leaf to your mouth if you have a language barrier. I'm Japanese and I can't tell you how often I ask the chef/waiter if a leaf or garnish or head of a fish of specific dishes is edible or not.
by Uco rate this post as useful

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