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Snow pants for kids, where to buy? 2017/12/18 09:48
Will be traveling to Japan this friday and will be visiting Karuizawa to experience snow.
Forgive me, its our first time to experience snow and for the kids .

I had not realized until yesterday (when we were watching videos of kids playing in the snow) that our pants needed to be waterproof.

Dragged my wife and the kids to a local store here in Singapore (Decathlon), but we only found ones for our selves and there weren't any for kids. (ages 4 and 5)

Obviously, buying online and shipping isn't an option anymore.
My last resort would be to buy instead in Tokyo. Would you happen to know what is the name of the store and where we could possibly look for snow pants for kids?

We have Uniqlo/H&M stores here that sells Winter clothes but i don't recall they sell those made especially for snow (non-waterproof). Does Uniqlo in Ginza sell waterproof pants?

thanks for those who would answer.
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Re: Snow pants for kids, where to buy? 2017/12/18 11:23
There is an area in Chiyoda-ku, that has sporting goods stores all together. If you take subway to Jimbocho station, exit A5 onto Yasukuni Dori, walk past all the book stores, and you come to the sporting goods area. Some sell last years skiing fashions discounted.
Jimbocho is on the Hanzomon , Toei Mita, and Toei Shinjuku Lines. If you happen to be on the Shinjuku line you could go to next stop after Jimbocho, Ogawamachi exit B5 and you should be right there,
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Re: Snow pants for kids, where to buy? 2017/12/18 14:34
Other option..rental wear.
There are rental ski shops in most of ski resort in Japan.
You can rent not only ski equipment, but wear, sled or others.
If you are going to stay in a hotel, you can ask where to rent.
I'm sure Karuizawa Prince Ski resort has.
Since you are from Singapore, you may not wear snow pants once you go back.
So, I thought renting may be a good idea.
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Re: Snow pants for kids, where to buy? 2017/12/18 16:42
I agree with previous poster. If you go to a ski resort just rent it. It is much cheaper than buying and you get the full attire including jacket , boots and could even rent a sledge. Assuming that you don’t want to ski.

Enjoy your trip to Japan and the snow!
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Re: Snow pants for kids, where to buy? 2017/12/18 17:10
You might be able to order from amazon.co.jp and have the clothes sent to your hotel for arrival. Amazon shipping is very fast in Japan. Sometimes the same day in the big cities, and usually at most overnight. Or you can specify the arrival date. Their prices are often the lowest available as well.
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Re: Snow pants for kids, where to buy? 2017/12/18 20:41
We don't know what part of Karuizawa you're heading to, but here is a quick list of rental shops near Karuizawa train station, along with a map. On the list you see a round icon that says ウェブサイト which you can click to jump to each website where you might find an English page.

Let someone phone shops in advance to see if you can reserve clothes or check availability.

But KEEP IN MIND that some rental shops may not carry gloves, caps and boots which are necessity for kids. However, now that it's winter, you can buy these accessories at almost any department store in Tokyo as well as in many smaller shops. Ask at your hotel or a tourist information center.

If it so happens that you fail to obtain snow wear for your children, just bring clothes for them to change to. It will take at least about 5 minutes until the snow soaks into their clothes. Meanwhile, you won't get wet at all unless you throw snowballs at each other or roll over on the snow.

If you do go shopping, be sure you also buy some sort of slip-proof soles for yourselves (you can often buy portable soles at snow resorts too). Either way, be sure to carry at least 2 pairs of socks to change to!
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Re: Snow pants for kids, where to buy? 2017/12/19 14:48
Dear LoveJapan,Chococo,LikeBike,Susan and Uco

if you are reading this, I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I was away yesterday trying to do some planning and running errands for items needed in our trip.

I had the idea to rent, but didn't know that was an option. and it looks almost most rentals are for adults and not so much for kids.

When we arrive Tokyo, it will still be on the 4th day anyway before we go to Karuizawa or Gala Yuzawa, so we still have to time to visit the shops in Tokyo (thanks LoveJapan).

if we didn't see any, we'll try those shop rentals as last resort.!

thanks again
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Re: Snow pants for kids, where to buy? 2017/12/19 14:51
Extra clothes for kids, extra socks. gotcha! thanks for the tip Uco.
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