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Kochi pref. driving ideas 2017/12/22 05:30
I went to Kochi a few years ago visiting the Godaisan area and the beach in the south (Katsurahama?).

I was thinking of renting a car when visiting Japan in early May and exploring more of Kochi prefecture, for instance cape Muroto and Tosa-Shimizu seems interesting. As the drive to Tosa is a bit far from Kochi I was thinking of renting a car in Nakamura instead however.

Are there any other areas that you could recommend? Are the capes really worth the effort of visiting? Or should I skip one or two?
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Re: Kochi pref. driving ideas 2017/12/22 16:00
Shimantogawa is a nice area.
Alternatively/ Additionally just look up some of the 88 pilgrimage temples and visit those

I donft know about the area east of Kochi city.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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Re: Kochi pref. driving ideas 2017/12/22 16:37
The drive north out of Nankoku on Highway 32 (not the expressway unless you want to make time) follows the Yoshino River and is fairly scenic. It follows a rocky gorge in places and there's a big cedar tree near Otoyo-cho that's got its own marker on the maps (Sugi no ohsugi). Around Oboke you can cut east to the Iya Valley or continue up to Iyaguchi and turn into the valley there. I wouldn't go any farther than Mt. Tsurugi, because after that the road is narrow and super winding more than usual and although it gives some nice views of deep valleys here and there, there is nothing else (no stores or services) for a long ways.

Another route I like I learned by taking the bus from Kochi to Matsuyama, but when driving I turned north to head up to the Shirasa Mt. Lodge on Mt. Ishizuchi. Some of the back roads there have steep narrow waterfalls coming down the slopes and across the road. Head west out of Kochi toward Sakawa and Ochi.

If you have time, the drive along the coast to the Ashizuri Peninsula is nice. The closer you get to the end the more fishing villages and rocky shorelines you follow. A side road to the coast around Kubokawa leads down to a small town of Okitsu with a nice beach that I was able to camp on. I don't know if you still can as it's now called the "Okitsu Beach Resort." The views on the road down of the coast are pretty nice.

If you follow the coast east to Cape Muroto, you'll pass lots of farming villages with lots of vinyl houses filling up the valleys between ridges coming down to the ocean. Over 30% of Kochi's income is derived from agriculture.
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