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Places where to buy stones? 2017/12/22 05:46

I am travelling for the third time this next Jan-Feb and wanted to look for places where they sell energetic stones, kind of like onyx, turmaline, amethyst, etc, that kind of stuff. Do you have any references as to where I could look ?

I have searched online with my limited japanese knowledge and all the places I see or find are only more jewllery oriented (like they use those stones and put them into necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc).

any information about stores that would sell this kind of stuff would be greatly appreciated, does not matter if it's far.

thank you.
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Re: Places where to buy stones? 2017/12/22 11:58
We call them gKou-sekiiz΁jor Tennen-seki (VR)
If you search z, you will find more what youfre looking for.
When I searched withVR, I find more shops to sell as gpower stonesh or jewelry oriented like you mentioned.

Are you looking for this kind of stones?
Search with gz ̔h
Here is one of them, gNirvana stonesh
There are 4 stores in Tokyo(Okachimachi), Osaka, Kyoto and Kamakura.
Also, you can buy online.
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