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finding mexican grocery food 2017/12/22 22:41
Hey everyone!!! :)

I just came to japan to visit family and friend
I was looking for a market to buy CHILE JALAPEÑO to make pico de gallo.
I was thinking i want tomake tostadas.
For example (mexican tostadas with beans chicken on it and other traditional things.)

I made a research and found kaldi has tortillas.
I wanna make tacos so my japanese friend and loved ones can taste mexican traditional food.

Ingredients or food (queso fresco, chile jalapeño, crema, beans, tortillas, mole, etc)

Made a research but everything is in katana & kanji. Im a noob in japan or first timer...

Please if anyone knows... where to find this... please reply me i want to share my culture and food with them..(jpn) as they did with me...

Thank you!!! Everyone!! 😊😊😊
by Nestor88  

Re: finding mexican grocery food 2017/12/23 14:17
Find and ask at Mexican Restaurants.

Cuando a Roma fueres, haz lo que vieres.
El uso hace al maestro.
Lo barato a veces cuesta caro.
Más vale pájaro en mano que cien volando.
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Re: finding mexican grocery food 2018/1/8 18:35
Thanks alot :)
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