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Shibuya Luggage Office Confirm? 2017/12/24 13:41
I found a website saying that Shibuya station has luggage offices that will store your luggage for 600yen a piece on floors B1 and B2 (lower floor has better open hours) as an alternative to using lockers for the day. The page was last updated in 2015.

Can anyone who's been to Shibuya recently (or lives close enough to check) confirm that these are still there?
by Eikreis  

Re: Shibuya Luggage Office Confirm? 2017/12/24 23:13
Coin Locker Counter Desk
locates near Exit No.3a, Shibuya sta B2, Shibuya 109 B2 entrance
9:00 - 22:00
600 Yen per pieces
(may be closed during New Year's celebration seasons(31 Dec - 1 Jan).

Shibuya sta Service Counter, Luggage Counter Desk
locates Shibuya sta B1, Exit No.4,
10:00 - 18:00
600 Yen per pieces
(they may not hold your luggage any more due to coin locker counter desk is opened in Shibuya sta B2, they are happy to advice where to hold your luggage and indicate how you to get there).
by tokyo friend 48 rate this post as useful

Re: Shibuya Luggage Office Confirm? 2017/12/31 01:04
Thanks for the info!
by Eikreis rate this post as useful

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