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What does this text mean? 2017/12/25 15:42
期待したくなくても、どっかで期待しんだなー モヤモヤまっくすだぜ、ほんとに
by Emilio (guest)  

Re: What does this text mean? 2017/12/26 03:47
期待したくなくても - Even if not wanting to expect (or anticipate)

どっかで期待しんだな - expectation is there, somewhere

モヤモヤまっくすだぜ - it's cloudy (unclear) to the max

ほんとに - really (or seriously)

by Nanjak Ore (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: What does this text mean? 2017/12/26 17:01
I generally agree with the other poster, but this モヤモヤ is more like "frustrating". It's a situation in which you're having trouble making decisions or cannot help being distracted or is having mixed emotions and such. In other words, in this case, the speaker is most likely trying not to think of something/someone but is not succeeding at all.
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Re: What does this text mean? 2017/12/27 15:27
That's why you couldn't translate correctly, it is "spoken language".
期待したくなくても、どっかで期待し(て)んだなー モヤモヤまっくすだぜ、ほんとに

Reprint a sentence like a textbook for learnig Japanese beginners,
-- もやもやがマックス(Max)状態(じょうたい)なのですよ。本当(ほんとう)に

If found that in last weekend, He waited a big X'mas present fr special girl friend or his wife :)
(Same situation happened in Valentine's day and aroound Graduation ceremony day.)
Most Women doesn't say "だぜ" as emphasize usual, Women use "だわ" usual. (but not only limited)

If in the case of a company with poor management, it may have been a bonus payment,
besides, it may have been new function of new product/services,
or directing of new movie or something stories. (Watched SW ep8?)
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