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Figure skates shop in Tokyo (if not Yokohama) 2017/12/25 16:46
May I ask you for the place where I can buy figure skates in Tokyo? Ifve seen a similar question said that therefs a shop in Yokohama but sadly I canft go there ;__; so if anyone knows, please help. Figure skates are super expensive in my country.

Thank you very much!
Ps. My hotel is at Ikebukuro :)
by Mia (guest)  

Re: Figure skates shop in Tokyo (if not Yokohama) 2017/12/26 14:40
I looked up a bit for you but since the main training rinks in the Kanto region are in Yokohama, most shops are there. If you are in Ikebukuro, it won't take much for you to go eg. to this shop in Tanmachi on the Toyoko line http://www.ujt.co.jp/shopinfo.php just 45 minutes without changing trains since the Fukutoshin line directly connects to the Toyoko. It is also a great occasion to go a bit further and visit Yokohama.
Also, how expensive is expensive for you? A very basic pair of skates (boots + blades) will cost 30-40000 JPY at the very, very least. It is unfortunately not a cheap sport.

if you do not need professional skates but want beginner ones, I would guess big sports shops would carry them and you do not need the professional shops. But I looked into the ones I know in Ikebukuro (Murasaki sports and Victoria) and they didn't have them. :(
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