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Miyajima Accommodation budget Question 2017/12/25 17:30
Hi everyone,

I am planning to travel to Japan very very late March to Mid April. I would be in Japan a total of 15 days and 14 nights. Even though Air bnb wasn't cheap, it was the cheapest option at this time when availability is super low (due to my negligence and circumstances that prevented me from finalizing my trip earlier), and I chose some hostels along with it.

And for my 14 days, I am spending $942.77 USD(around $72 USD a night).

I only have one day left that I need to buy accommodation for, and that is for Miyajima. I know I can stay on the Honshu side of Miyajima and catch a ferry to the island first thing in the morning. But I also know that it is one of the busier tourist places, so I am quite tempted to find accommodation on the island to experience the island better.

I have found ryokan and other accommodation on MIyajima for mid $200-mid $300 USD a night. Normally I would say this is absurd for me to even consider, but would spending ~1200 usd for 14 nights just on accommodation be absurd (especially doing it this late in the season)... and paying maximum of $350 (rounded down) on 1 night in a ryokan? There is also one slightly cheaper at $294 USD but offer both breakfast and dinner as opposed to just breakfast.

This would be my first ryokan experience, and it has been something I have always been curious about ever since I saw it on TV and the internet.

What do you guys think? There are other lower cost option on the island as well but they aren't japanese rooms for around $180 USD a month.

Thanks for your help and Merry Christmas!!!
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Re: Miyajima Accommodation budget Question 2017/12/25 18:32
What do you guys think?

I think there's no way in hell I'd ever pay that kind of money for accomodation, but hey, how you choose to spend your cash is up to you.

I also think that your assumption that staying overnight on Miyajima would allow you to better "experience" it is mistaken, unless you fancy going out for a walk at 2am.
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Re: Miyajima Accommodation budget Question 2017/12/26 03:30
When I pay more than 20000 yen per person per night for a ryokan, I insist for a place with real ONSEN for the full only-in-Japan experience. There are ryokans without onsen, and to me it is not worth 20000+ yen. Your body may not be able to tell the natural hot spring water from a tap water, but the atmosphere and psychological effect are different and definitely enjoyable.

If you are looking for a bargain accommodation in Miyajima, check out Sakuraya. I stayed there for only 5000 yen per night for a single room (no meals, the room was on the 5th floor where the elevator only goes up to 4th). The room was very nice and clean, the location was very good, and it was the best value in all of Japan for me. You can book through Expedia. @@

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Re: Miyajima Accommodation budget Question 2017/12/26 04:09
The Ferry to Mayajima starts at 6:25 and the last one back isn't until 22:14. It's only an hour from Hiroshima and 600 Y each way for the trip (410 train, 180 ferry). If you are are concerned about lodging cost, staying near Hiroshima is going to be your best bet, and if you get up early, there is not likely to be anything you miss out on. There are ryokan experiences closer to Hiroshima for a lot less money, too.

That said, $300 for one special night doesn't sound that bad for busy periods in a key tourist locale. During peak weeks, a mid level regular hotel in Kyoto will cost that much, easily.

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