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Kamakura itinerary 2017/12/28 20:06

I'm flying to Tokyo in April for 8 days and I'm trying to plan a one day trip to Kamakura and then back to Tokyo and I'd be happy to see all the places I'm gonna mention, but not sure, if I can make it in time.

So 1st Q. is, if i buy round trip ticket from Shinjuku to Kamakura, can I get off at Kita-Kamakura and then depart from Kita-Kamakura again? or do I need to ride all the way to Kamakura Station or otherwise it wouldnt be icnluded in price.

Now the itinerary: If its possible, Id like to get off there (kita-kamakura), go through Tokeiji and Jochiji all the way through Daibutsu Hiking Trail and Zeniarai Benten to Great Buddha (do you reccommend spending money there on shrine or not?).

Then form Great Buddha to Hasedera and Hase, where I'd like to buy a one way ticket to Kamakura station (how much does it cost?).

Now here's tricky part, because I'd like to go through shopping street to Tsurugaoka Hachimangu from there and also go to Hokojuji and else. So is it better to continue by walk from Hachimangu or go back to Kamakura Station and take a bus to Hokokuji?

Anyway, one or another way I'd be in Hokokuji now (do you reccommend tea ceremony and bamboo visit part?.. or just walk), from there I'llgo to Jomyoji and Zuisenji (is there anything special or interesting thats worth spending money or see?) .

From there I'll take Tenen Hiking Trail all the way to Kenchoji and by walk through Meigetsuin and Engakuji to Kita-Kamakura (is there anything special or worth to mention?).

So this is it, I would like to get up really early in Tokyo and take one of the earliest trains to have time on everything, but still. Is it possible to see everything like that? or should I take other way, or don't bother visiting some of those places, which aren't as much good. Just your advices and experiences

And also about food.. is there something really standing out, or worth to mention, where I should definitely stay and where is it exactly according to my itinerary. I just wanna exctract maximum of my trip.

Thank you for everything anyways and sorry for my exhausting question.
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Re: Kamakura itinerary 2017/12/28 20:50
For ticket prices just use Google maps or hyperdia or the like.

In your itinerary it seems you will walk from Kita Kamakura to Daibutsu and thus will not need the train from Kita to Kamakura proper. So not sure what your first question about return ticket is. Anyway itfs only one stop, so canft be terribly expensive.

Overall your itinerary seems to me totally exhausting. I personally would need 3 days, but I am slow paced. But I think you should still allow two days for it. If in the second day time remains you can still go to Enoshima.

Also have a look at opening times and sun light hours on the day you plan to go, because in Japan even in the heights of the summer sunset is early.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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Re: Kamakura itinerary 2017/12/28 21:30
Here are Google ratings.
4.1 128 Tokeiji 830-1630
4.0 123 Jochiji 900-1630
Daibutsu Hiking Trail 60-90 min
4.1 409 Zeniarai (800-1630)
4.2 1289 Daibutsu 800-1730
4.4 766 Hasedera 800-1700
4.3 1059 Hachimangu 500-2030
3.9 1112 Komachi
4.4 389 Hokokuji 900-1600
4.2 72 Jomyoji 900-1630
4.3 60 Zuisenji 900-1700
Tenen Hiking Trail 2-2.5 hr
4.4 318 Kenchoji 830-1630
Zazen on Apr 4th.
4.3 294 Meigetsuin 900-1600
4.4 293 Engakuji 800-1630

This site introduces a 4 to 5-hour course for a first timer to cover Engakuji, Kenchoji, Hachimangu, Komachi, Hasedera, and Daibutsu.

If you could come here before 800, start with Hachimangu. I would like to start from Hase at 800. 800: Hasedera, 900: Daibutsu, and 1000: Zeniarai on Daibutsu Trail. Then move on to 1100: Engakuji, 1300: Meigetsuin, 1400: Kenchoji on Tenen Trail. Finally, 1500: Hokokuji and 1600: Hachimangu, and finish at Komachi to JR Kamakura. Eight places in eight hours. That would be a maximum, I believe. You might add some more if your pace turned out to be faster. But that could blur your memory. You might not be able to remember which was which at a later date. I may add Enoshima instead. I might take a dinner at Yokohama. Walking all could be tough. You may have to give up some of the places in that case. Shirasu is famous in Kamakura. I have taken Shirasu dishes in Enoshima beach.
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Re: Kamakura itinerary 2017/12/28 23:34
Oh my god, you're awesome! Thank you so much for those responds. Now I'm pretty tempted to enjoy the 2day trip there with sleepover in Kamakura and then enjoying Enoshima next day, it should be great break from crowded Tokyo and also another view on Japan generally.

Just two last questions, is it worth to visit some of those shrines or places in Kamakura more particulary (like spending money on entrance or smtg), and which of these are in your opinion the greatest pearls.

And what would you reccommend the most in Enoshima, or your favourite places, that could fit in time?:), mbe your itinerary fr one day trip there if you have.

Again, thank you a lot.
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Re: Kamakura itinerary 2017/12/29 00:41
For Kamakura those places that have an entrance fee, if you donft pay the fee, you wonft see anything, so no need to even go there. Regarding rating everyone has his personal favorites, so relying on the links shared above is a good starting point.

For me the highlight in Enoshima is walk across the island once and down to the sea on the other end of the island. You have a great view of the sea and Fuji in the distance.

I have not visited the botanical garden nor the tower on Enoshima.

An other personal favorite for the trip back to Tokyo is a stop at the super-sento (a kind of family onsen) in Kozashibuya. Itfs just outside the train station on top of a supermarket on the 5th floor. Ideal to relax after a day out.

For lunch on Enoshima I would target one of the restaurants at the end of the island, just before the steps lead you down to the sea. You get nice view over the Pacific if you sit on the balcony above the abyss

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Re: Kamakura itinerary 2017/12/29 01:01
if i buy round trip ticket from Shinjuku to Kamakura, can I get off at Kita-Kamakura and then depart from Kita-Kamakura again?

I know what you mean, but it doesn't work for distances as short as this. You have to surrender your ticket each time you go out of a station. And the price for a round trip ticket for this distance is as same as 2 one way tickets.

Meanwhile, there are various "pass"es that allow you to get on and off freely within Kamakura area. It might be worth buying one depending on where you are going and how frequently you are riding trains. Decide your itinerary first and then discuss about your pass with an English speaking staff at Shinjuku.

But since I'm not the poor student I used to be, if I were you I'd simply buy a one way ticket each time I board a train, because that would allow me more flexibility. I do, however, recommend you to buy an IC card such as a SUICA or PASMO, since it makes your travels easier while giving you slight discounts of a few yen.
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Re: Kamakura itinerary 2017/12/29 02:10
Thank you for everything guys!:) those are really helpful informations.
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Re: Kamakura itinerary 2017/12/29 06:20
I'm not even sure you can get a round ticket for JR lines using commuter services.

But either way. I would use an IC card for the above explained itinerary.

Shinjuku to Kita-Kamakura JR Shonan-Shinjuku Line + JR Yokosuka Line, transfer at Ofuna.

Hase to Kamakura on the Enoden

Kamakura to Shinjuku, reverse of step one.
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Re: Kamakura itinerary 2017/12/29 18:37
JR sells roundtrip tickets. But almost no one buys that for a short distance, recently. The time loss to ask one at a ticketing counter could matter. Re-entries are allowed for a ticket for a route of more than 100 km. 10% discount is applied for a roundtrip ticket for a route of more than 600 km.

There are so many passes for Kamakura-Enoshima. Here are some of them.
o Yoritomo Kippu (Bus + Enoden)
o Noriori-Kun (Enoden + discounts in restaurants, hotels,...)
o Kamakura Enoshima Pass (Enoden + JR + Monorail)
o Enoshima Kamakura Pass (Enoden + Odakyu). At least Tokyu and Seibu also sell Enoshima Kamakura Pass.

I have been to Kamakura twice. The first one is decades ago. I just remember having seen a small Daibutsu and some plants in a few temples. That was by a group tour by bus. The second is a few years ago. I went there by bicycle over the hills and hills in Kanagawa. I arrived at Kita-Kamakura around 8:00. I went along the main roads stopping only at Hachimangu. Then I proceeded along the coastline. From Inamuragasaki, I walked along the sandy beach up to Koshigoe and backed to the starting position. A lunch near Inamuragasaki; Shirasu Gozen seeing the sea. Riding the bicycle, I went to the south side, ocean side of Enoshima. Then I walked along the rocky seashore over the rocks and rocks, from the east to the west. That adventure was the highlight for me. I returned from Enoshima to Tokyo by a long ride starting around 16:00.

I have been there one more. Also decades ago. By Odakyu to Enoshima. After some walks along Enoshima main streets, I took an Enoden mini train. I should have walked around both the east and west side of JR Kamakura. But I could not remember the details. That was a drinking party...
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Re: Kamakura itinerary 2017/12/29 19:31
Daamn traffic in Japan is pretty expensive tho for an ordinary student from Czech Republic.

Anyway, I would like to know your opinion about the best way to spend least amount of money on my trip.

Because, Ill be landing in Haneda and then spending time in Tokyo and I heard about the 3day Tokyo pass which is purchasable at the airport, so Ifm planning to buy that for first 3 days in Tokyo
And then on my 4th-5th day of my trip would be Shinjuku-Kamakura-sleepover-Enoshima-Yokohama (ramen dinner)- Shinjuku.
And then last 2 days in Tokyo full time.

Should I buy 3day pass and then Suica card? Or only Suica? Or just buy one way ticket from Shinjuku then maybe buy a Kamamura-Enoshima pass for 1 day ( is it 24hours or till the end of the day?) and then 1 way ticket to Yokohama, subway to ramen and 1 way ticket back to Tokyo.
And following 2 days buy 2 one day passes in Tokyo

What would you reccommend as the cheapest way?

Thank you for your responds :)
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Re: Kamakura itinerary 2017/12/29 19:54
Dont fly half way around the world and complain about being a poor student...

As for the 3 day subway pass. It is only good for the subway. So a) if you only plan to use the subway and b) will use the daily amount per day, then get the pass.

When I traveled around Tokyo. I rarely used enough yen per day to warrant the passes. So I used an IC card.
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Re: Kamakura itinerary 2017/12/29 20:07
When itfs your dream, you just gotta make it come true. Whatfs wrong about trying to save as much money as I can on traffic.

Anyway, does Suica also work for Kamamura - Enoshima - Yokohama?
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Re: Kamakura itinerary 2017/12/29 21:21
I would like to know your opinion about the best way to spend least amount of money on my trip.

Like I said, it totally depends on the details of your whole itinerary. Another poster has posted a few of the many examples for passes. Try and see what suits you best.

When I used to be a poor student, whatever country I traveled to, I enjoyed spending a great deal of time to do my homework on planning my itineraries and calculating the most reasonable pass for it. Thanks to that experience, I gained a good job in the travel industry after I graduated. Then I started earning good wages and my time became expensive, so I let myself travel in any way the wind blows.

By the way, I'm not in the industry any more which is the reason I'm able to give you free advice - advice which is not that reliable any more.
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Re: Kamakura itinerary 2017/12/30 15:48
This would be one of the cheapest routes. I include China Town, here. Ramens are everywhere in Japan, though.

630 Shinjuku - Katase-Enoshima
260 Enoshima - Kamakura
390 Kamakura - Ishikawacho
570 Kannai - Shinjuku

Haneda is between Shinjuku and Kamakura. You may move with the luggage, such as Haneda-Yokohama-Kamakura-Enoshima-Shinjuku-Haneda. The details should also depend on your arrival time.

450 Haneda - Yokohama
340 Yokohama - Kamakura
260 Kamakura - Enoshima
630 Katase-Enoshima - Shinjuku
610 Shinjuku - Haneda

These would be rather subtle. Try to save flights and accommodations, at first. Shinjuku might not be an ideal location to go around Tokyo. Find good flights and accommodations. Then, try to squeeze some more on ground transportations. Japan Transit Planner provides low-cost signs.
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Re: Kamakura itinerary 2017/12/30 17:27
Narita to Tokyo=900~ by Tokyo shuttle(Narita is most cheapest from overseas)
or Haneda-Airport International Terminal(Keikyu) to Tokyo Station=580~
or Haneda Airport Limousine/Shuttle Bus to Tokyo Station= 930~
Tokyo subway pass=3 Day=1500~
Hakone kamakura pass=3 Day=6500~ By odakyu railway,get on & get off freely entire network
Total=8900 ~,approx ,unlimited travel For 6 Days
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Re: Kamakura itinerary 2018/1/2 22:32
Eight days are rather long. Going out to Hakone could be lovely. But Hakone Kamakura Pass for only Enoshima/Kamakura is just costly. Tokyo Subway Ticket is OK. But the hotel in the subway area is expensive. Capsule hotels could be used, though.

Here is my trial for an extreme minimum. On the average, cherry blossom, Sakura, will be in full bloom on April 3 in Tokyo. The decline is faster. I would stay in Tokyo for eight nights from March 30 to April 6. Hotel prices in these period may reach a maximum. Hotel searches should be done by day by day. But I here used the whole period for an ease.

2900 3.6 Atsugi Capsule Hotel
4012 3.3 Tokyo Kiba Hotel
4354 3.7 Hotel Hilltop / Narimasu
4372 3.4 AI Hotel Yokohama
4495 3.7 Yokohama Hostel Village
4791 3.5 Hotel Select Inn Isehara
5385 4.6 Tokyo Guest House Itabashi Juku
5433 4.0 Shonan Enoshima Seaside Guest House ANNEX
5458 3.7 Shonan Enoshima Seaside Guest House
5700 3.3 MaRRoaD Inn Hanno
5789 3.7 Business Inn New City / Yokohama
5983 3.5 Hotel Housen Soka,139.4295692,13z,139.8976897,13z[N[}V/@35.3258654,139.3677617,13z

Tokyo Guest House Itabashi Juku marks a high Google rating. But the price of ON THE MARKS KAWASAKI is outstanding with a rate larger than 4. Shonan Enoshima Seaside Guest House ANNEX also gets a rate of 4.0. But the difference is more than 2000 yen. Just commuting to Enoshima and Kawasaki from Kawasaki will be more economical.

Google Flights suggests one day earlier departure. I will follow it. Hotel search should be modified accordingly. But I skip it here. The arrival to an unknown city should be before sunset. But I here just take the lowest price.

76482 PRG 27 Mar 1435-28 Mar 1930 NRT 6 Apr 2230-7 Apr 1340 PRG;f=PRG,XYG;t=HND,NRT,23K;d=201...

28 Mar The arrival is close to the midnight. Just try to sleep.
1413 NRT 2039 - 2247 Kawasaki

29 Mar Asa-Teishoku (Breakfast) would cost around 300 yen either at Matsuya or Yoshinoya near JR Kawasaki.✓&maxLat=35.541583392908834...

Here I prepared nine sets of daily itineraries. Three for Kanagawa and the rests for Tokyo. Do priotize them at first, but execute each depending on the body conditions, the weathers, and Sakura. The three for Kanagawa are Kamakura, Enoshima, and Yokohama.

Kanagawa 1: Yokohama
Kanagawa 2: East Kamakura
Kanagawa 3: West Kamakura + Enoshima

For Tokyo, I selected these with a consideration of Sakura.
Tokyo 1: Meguro River + Odaiba
Tokyo 2: Ueno Park + Ameyoko + Akihabara
Tokyo 3: Chidorigafuchi + Imperial Palace Graden + Ginza
Tokyo 4: Sumida Park + Asakusa + SkyTree
Tokyo 5: Inokashira Park + Ghibli + Shinjuku
Tokyo 6: Meiji Jingu + Harajuku + Shibuya

Here I describe these in this order.
Kanagawa 2: East Kamakura
Tokyo 6: Meiji Jingu + Harajuku + Shibuya
Tokyo 1: Meguro River + Odaiba
Tokyo 4: Sumida Park + Asakusa + SkyTree
Kanagawa 1: Yokohama
Tokyo 2: Ueno Park + Ameyoko + Akihabara
Tokyo 5: Inokashira Park + Ghibli + Shinjuku
Tokyo 3: Chidorigafuchi + Imperial Palace Graden + Ginza
Kanagawa 3: West Kamakura + Enoshima

550 Kawasaki 835-908 Kita-Kamakura
Try to do most of Kamakura. Finish at least the eastern half. Proceed to Tenen Trail, Hachimangu, and Komachi, then return to the hotel.
550 Kamakura 1936-2009 Kawasaki

30 Mar 390 Kawasaki 831-901 Yoyogi
Walk into Meiji Shrine from the north. Go out to Harajuku and walk around Harajuku and Omote Sando. Proceed to Shibuya, then go back to Kawasaki.
310 Shibuya 1932-2006 Kawasaki

31 Mar Start the other Tokyo sites with Sakura.
420 Kawasaki 831-(Mizonokuchi)-911 Ikejiri-Ohashi
Walk along Meguro River to Tennozu.
270 Tennozu Isle 1309-1315 Kokusai Tenjijo
Walk back to Odaiba along the Promenade, and enjoy Odaiba Marine Park.
630 Odaiba Kaihin Koen 1930-(Shinbashi)-2005 Kawasaki

1 Apr 490 Kawasaki 833-(Tamachi/Mita)-923 Oshiue
Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Solamachi, Sumida Park, and Asakusa.
480 Asakusa 1931-(Kanda)-2018 Kawasaki

2 Apr 220 Kawasaki 831-844 Yokohama
Walk around Minatomirai, Yamashita Park, Motomachi, China Town and JR Yokohama.
220 Yokohama 1933-1946 Kawasaki

3 Apr 390 Kawasaki 831-903 Ueno
After spending the time in Ueno Park, proceed to Ameyoko, then to Akihabara.
390 Akihabara 1930-1959 Kawasaki

4 Apr 550 Kawasaki 831-(Tokyo)-924 Kichijoji
Walk around Ghibli Museum and Inokashira Park near Kichijoji, then Shinjuku in the return.
220 Kichijoji 1304-1316 Shinjuku
390 Shinjuku 1930-2005 Kawasaki

5 Apr 480 Kawasaki 833-(Yurakucho)-915 Kojimachi
Walk to Hanzomon, Chidorigafuchi, Imperial Palace Gardens, Otemachi, Tokyo, Nihonbashi, and Ginza.
310 Shimbashi 1938-1952 Kawasaki

6 Apr The 9th - last day. The day for Enoshima and the rest of Kamakura. Enoshima, beaches and Daibutsu trail from Hase to Kita-Kamakura.
780 Kawasaki 835-(Ofuna:Monorail)-924 Enoshima
260 Enoshima 1311-1329 Hase
550 Kita-Kamakura 1530-1610 Kawasaki
Pick up the luggage and proceed to Narita.
1413 Kawasaki 1717 - 1910 NRT

The total of the rail tickets becomes 11,676 yen. Adding the flights and the hotel, the total is 117,318 yen so far. Meals could be as low as 1300 yen (= 300 + 500 + 500). Ghibli is 1,000 yen. Ten temples and shrines could be 3,000 yen. I would do Osaisen (throwing a small money at a shrine) just once for an experience. Accounting meals for ten days, all the cost now reaches 134,318 yen. Meals with twice costs would be rather normal. So, 150,000 yen would be a more realistic minimum. Upgrading the other parts, a badget from 200,000 to 250,000 yen would be more reasonable.

As I said above, I prefer to arrrive at the first city in the daytime. Here is another idea.
88096 PRG Mar 28 705-Mar 29 1045 NRT Apr 6 1315-Apr 7 1120 PRG

I may choose this set of hotels.
5385 4.6 Tokyo Guest House Itabashi Juku
5433 4.0 Shonan Enoshima Seaside Guest House ANNEX

And the itinerary.
Mar 29 NRT-Yokohama-Enoshima
Mar 30 Kamakura/Enoshima
Mar 31 Enoshima-Shinjuku-Itabashi
Apr 1 Meguro River + Odaiba
Apr 2 Inokashira Park + Ghibli + Shibuya
Apr 3 SkyTree + Sumida Park + Asakusa + Akihabara
Apr 4 Chidorigafuchi + Imperial Palace Graden + Ginza
Apr 5 Ueno Park + Ameyoko + Meiji Jingu + Harajuku
Apr 6 Itabashi-NRT
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Re: Kamakura itinerary 2018/1/2 22:57
Some other choices. Some are in the metro area.
4715 3.5 Sauna&Capsule Hotel Dandy / Ueno
4832 3.3 Hostel Zen / Yokohama
4901 4.4 ENAKA Asakusa Central Hostel
4978 3.7 Capsule Value Kanda
5055 4.3 JGH Tokyo / Kawaguchi
5258 3.5 Capsule Hotel The Nell Ueno Okachimachi
5291 4.2 YADOYA Guesthouse Green Tokyo / Nakano
5507 3.6 RexInn Kawasaki
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Re: Kamakura itinerary 2018/1/5 01:45
Thank you so much guys! I really appreciate it
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Re: Kamakura itinerary 2018/1/10 18:38
Suica also works. Select "Fare types" to be "IC Card" in the lower left in this tool.

Enoshima - Yokohama (Ticket: 570 yen, IC Card: 564 yen)
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