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Question about Nico Nico Douglas 2017/12/28 23:36

Not sure if this is the correct forum to ask but I have a question about the Nico Nico site.

I have registered an account back in 2008 and have uploaded a few game play videos there, and pretty much available in the search results when the upload completed.

However, a few videos I uploaded recently do not show up in the Japan region search results but other regions. The funny thing is that those videos do show up in the mobile version of the site.

Am curious if there are certain settings introduced that I am unaware of or if there is something else?...
by Jason Lex (guest)  

Re: Question about Nico Nico Douglas 2017/12/29 21:24
You can use contact form.

BTW, what is Nico Nico "Douglas" as spelling?
I have never seen such spelling.
It may be a typo or wrong selection of search box.
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Re: Question about Nico Nico Douglas 2017/12/30 04:11
Hi tomih,

Thanks for the reply. Actually it was meant to be Nico Nico Douga (動画)... I mistyped the word since I was a little tired when typing the question....
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