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Combining Koyasan, Ryujin & Nachi Taisha? 2017/12/29 01:39
we will be going on a 3 week trip through Japan
Apart from the highlights like Kyoto and Tokyo I would like to include some off the beaten path locations in beautifu scenery to get a more zen experience of Japan than just busy cities

I would like to go to Koyasan, stay for 1 night and then maybe stay a night in Ryujin Onsen .
Also the Kumano Kodo area looks impressive and I woud love to see the Nachi Taisha Fall and maybe do a little bit of hiking (no trekking)

How many days would be advisable to do this? And is it easy to do by public transport or would hiring a car be a good option here?

Thanks so much
by Iris (guest)  

Re: Combining Koyasan, Ryujin & Nachi Taisha? 2017/12/29 18:21
by Glimpigumpi rate this post as useful

Re: Combining Koyasan, Ryujin & Nachi Taisha? 2017/12/29 18:35
I created an account for myself so now I am Iris1982 :)

Thanks! that is indeed a very helpful topic! Covers a lot of my questions about the onsen area
Still I am wondering if it doable though to rent a car and what the best point should be to pick it up there.

I would like to travel from Osaka by train to Koya San, but then after that maybe a rental car might make the whole trip in that area easier? Or is that not advisable? I can't find too much info on people who have done that before.

Is the area worth the trip anyway? Or would you say that for a first time visitor the Onsen near Tokyo (Hakone) is also a great experience . I have the feeling that these are much more touristy or am I wrong?
There is so much to see, I wish I could travel for 2 months haha
by Iris1982 rate this post as useful

Re: Combining Koyasan, Ryujin & Nachi Taisha? 2017/12/29 18:43
Or this thread: which is more geared to having a hire car (but you could go by train from Osaka to Wakayama/Shirahama/Kii Katsura and then hire a car from there to leave the peninsula going via Koya, perhaps?)
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