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International business and japanese major? 2017/12/30 04:51
Hello, I am a foreigner who wants to make a living in Japan in the future and have a decent job with decent pay. I am wondering if majoring in international business and Japanese while minoring in accounting is a good idea. I know its important to gain fluency, but i'm wondering if i should make Japanese a minor and accounting a major or vice versa? I plan on transferring to Temple University Japan for my college studies and am wondering if this is a wise career move...
by Cassiopeia4life  

Re: International business and japanese major? 2017/12/30 12:19
It's a good idea if and only if you actually want to study in those fields rather than just doing it because you think it will make living in Japan easier (it probably won't).
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Re: International business and japanese major? 2017/12/30 13:18
What kind of career are you pursuing now, and what career are you thinking of when you move to Japan? If you want to be an accountant, you might have to consider qualification/certification in Japan.

Temple University Japan provide courses in English, but majoring/minoring in the Japanese language at an American uni (though located in Japan) doesn't really sound like the best of all ideas...
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Re: International business and japanese major? 2017/12/30 14:04
When I say I want to live in Japan, I mean as a permanent resident, but I do actually have interest in the international business field. Because the Japanese classes are so intense at the TUJ campus, I feel that they will aid in me becoming more fluent. I want to have a career working with a Japanese business.
by Cassiopeia4life rate this post as useful

Re: International business and japanese major? 2017/12/30 21:56
I would think a degree from APU would take you further in Japan -

You'll spend half your degree learning Japanese, and will be fluent by the time you graduate with your business degree. APU has one of the highest graduate employment rates in Japan, and will cost you about half what Temple would.
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Re: International business and japanese major? 2017/12/31 09:41
have a decent job with decent pay
Then why are you looking at Japan? As a foreigner that is pretty hard - many stories and examples around that demonstrate how difficult that is. (Just being realistic.)
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Re: International business and japanese major? 2017/12/31 09:46
I'm looking at Japan because it is my goal to live there permanently for a myriad of reasons. I have done my research for years and I know its difficult, but I also know that its not impossible.
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