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How to ask this? 2017/12/31 07:14
Hello, I'd like to say something like this to an artist I really like: "I love your works, they're my favorite and I wish I could buy it on (name of the site) or (name of site 2) since I'm not from Japan. Thank you so much for your illustrations."

So if it's not so much of a bother I'd like for someone here to help me with it? If the way of word it is weird or too blunt (so it might sound rude for a Japanese person), there's no problem if it does t say exactly that but something similar? Thanks in advance.
by Zereshiito  

Re: How to ask this? 2018/1/5 09:07
I think you'd better ask him/her in English.
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Re: How to ask this? 2018/1/11 16:55
私はあなたの作品が大好きで、彼らは私のお気に入りです。私はそれを買うことができればいいと思います。私は日本人ではありません。 あなたのイラストに感謝します。
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