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Becoming a model in Japan? 2017/12/31 18:20
Ok, so I realize that living in Tokyo is ideal for any serious model and I plan to relocate there in the future.

I'm still saving up money for this move, but my friend's friend is a recruiter for one of these modeling agencies. I plan to meet with him for lunch tomorrow to talk more about this type of work and my current situation.

So far, I have talked with him on the phone and he mentioned that his company is actually really new and most of their work requires a more open schedule for the clients. He said if I am really serious, he could still offer me gigs on Sundays since I am working at Eikaiwa most of the week. He said it would be best for him to contact some of the bigger, more well established agencies since they can work around peoples' schedules a lot better. I also sent him my portfolio, but although it is amateur, he said I have a good face for modeling.

After asking him, he said it is alright for him and his staff to help me create a new modeling portfolio at their location (not free of course) because my old modeling portfolio is a little amateur. I had my first modeling portfolio done when I was living and working in Shanghai, but the photographer was freelance and not really professional.

I don't think friend's friend will answer all my questions though. so I thought I would post my situation on here and see what people think.

Are there any foreigners on here that are doing or have done modeling work here in Japan?

For those living outside Tokyo, were you able to get any decent work?
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Re: Becoming a model in Japan? 2018/1/1 09:57
Are you already in Japan working at an Eikaiwa school or are you considering to come to Japan to do that?

Note that if you are here on a work visa to teach English, you would need to obtain a separate permit for each paid modeling gig you do.
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Re: Becoming a model in Japan? 2018/1/1 10:57
I am currently working and living in Shizuoka City, Japan.

I have a 3 year Spouse of Japanese National visa and I have been here for 3 years.
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Re: Becoming a model in Japan? 2018/1/1 14:27
Ok then no issue with visa/resident status :)
Just be careful to ask exactly what kind of jobs that agency has, and do not end up having to pay a big amount for the portfolio then getting no job later, if you know what I mean. Best wishes.
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Re: Becoming a model in Japan? 2018/1/2 23:43
Dont do modelling in Japan, you will not earn anything. Im a model from Denmark, and some jobs I had are not substainable for living. Know a few models, one who did a catwalk for Givenchy. He got clothes and a decent amount of money but still not enough to live every month with a rent on house etc.

Modelling is for hobby money or for the fun of it :)
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Re: Becoming a model in Japan? 2018/1/3 18:32
Oh I am definitely not doing modeling here with the idea of becoming rich and famous.

I want to do this for extra money and also to build up modeling experience for possibilities with other countries.

I am not huge into AV, but I have heard some foreign models get offers to do AV. I would be willing to do this type of work if offered to me.
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Re: Becoming a model in Japan? 2018/1/4 21:05
Sorry I have not really any advice, but wanted to know if I understand the meaning of AV, do you mean Adult Video? That would be kind of a surprise considering you being married, but of course everyone is free to make their own decisions^^;
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Re: Becoming a model in Japan? 2018/1/6 16:28
Yes, my wife and I are pretty open minded. It isn't like I'm dying to get into AV (adult videos) or anything, but I just really don't want to be an English teacher forever.

Although teaching English is a great job that I do enjoy for the most part, I have been told that I do have a face for modeling here in Japan and I want to try to get into that as well.

Sometimes, but not always foreign models are offered AV opportunities and I don't want to turn down this type of work even if it is a little unconventional.
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