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wheelchair-friendly bus 2017/12/31 19:53
Are buses in Sapporo wheelchair-friendly? Examples are Line 14 that goes to Okurayama Ski Jump and Line 69 that goes to Moerenumakeon Park.
Thank you.
by Linda (guest)  

Re: wheelchair-friendly bus 2018/1/1 11:04
Examples are Line 14 that goes to Okurayama Ski Jump and Line 69 that goes to Moerenumakeon Park.

I am not familiar with this issue, but I will try to answer.

Line 14 is operated by JR Hokkaido Bus

while Line 69 is operated by Hokkaido Chuo bus.

JR Hokkaido Bus


If you want to get on bus with wheelchair, we ask you to tell us 3 days before. Please specify the date, the bus route and the boarding time. Contact with our branch handling the route you will get on.

In this case, the route 14 is Araiyama line, and the branch is

琴似営業所 (Kotoni branch)

I think they will provide low-floor bus which you can get on with the wheelchair and settle it on the appropriate place in the bus.

Hokkaido Chuo bus


We will provide our “barrier-free” car upon request.

They do not show the time limit, but you might be better contact 3 days before.


Honestly I don’t think they can handle with English call, so you might better ask the hotel front clerk to call them. If you will stay just before the visit to Okurayama or Moerenuma park, you can e-mail to the hotel to call the bus companies.

Enjoy your visit to Japan!
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