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luggage delivery (kuroneko yamato) 2018/1/1 00:34
Hi ,
i have tried to post on kuroneko yamato feedback link but it doesnt work and cannot be sent out.
Hence i was wondering anybody could assist me for :
i will be walk in to deliver luggage from their tokyo outlet,if i went at 8pm to process the service does it consider day 1 ?can i request the luggage to reach at their osaka namba brunch after 8 days instead of 7 days? what would happen if i dont pick up the luggage within the 7 days ? would there be extra charge?
cos i will be travelling hokaaido and aomori before going to osaka.
is there any 24hrs outlet near ueno or tokyo station ? any brunch start at 6am to 7am to tokyo ?
Kindly advice.
by bibianu (guest)  

Re: luggage delivery (kuroneko yamato) 2018/1/1 11:39
Why don't you phone them and ask them those questions.? They operate an English language phone line. 365 days of the year. If calling from international phone;
+81 3 6757-1061 or domestic phone 0120 17-9625.
by LoveJapan (guest) rate this post as useful

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