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Shipping excess luggage via cargo company 2018/1/1 01:06

So my family and I are planning a trip to Tokyo some time later this year. Last time we were there, we ended up doing a lot of shopping and had to pay excessive fees at the airport for excess luggage *grumble grumble*. So this time we have decided to ship our excess luggage via cargo air freight cause it's considerably cheaper. The only probelm is, I've searched on google and I haven't been successful. So we are looking at shipping 4-5 pieces of luggage i.e. suitcases. Can you recommend any companies in Tokyo that can help us with that? And please nothing like FedEx or DHL cause that would be just as expensive.

Thank you!
by Shahad (guest)  

Re: Shipping excess luggage via cargo company 2018/1/1 10:10
DHL would have been one of the cheapest options. So there isnt gonna be better options for you if you attempt to shun DHL.

Sending whole suitcases is expensive not matter whom you deal with. Pay for extra luggage would be cheaper than shipping whole suitcase. But you need forward planning for this.

Another option is to break up and send parcels under 2kg. After 2kg the prices esculate rapidly. Hence a 10-15kg suitcase add ups.
by hakata14 (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Shipping excess luggage via cargo company 2018/1/1 16:38

Link is for rate chart for 15kg item to Australia using Japan post. DHL tends to be a little cheaper.

If I was to fly Jetstar and pay for an extra 15kg bag, it would cost me $30 AUD / 2600 JPY.

Or if I booked my flight and a 15kg bag into Japan and a 30kg bag out of Japan, it would be an extra $15AUD / 1300 JPY.

by hakata14 rate this post as useful

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